How heat pumps work 

MOUNT DESERTJoin A Climate to Thrive for a free online event on Thursday, May 20, at 5 p.m. to learn more about mini-split ductless heat pumps, an affordable and reliable HVAC option. ACTT will be hosting several guest speakers to answer questions and provide information on how heat pumps work, rebates and financing, local homeowner testimonials, energy efficiency and more.  

This event will launch ACTT’s upcoming campaign, Electrify MDI, a project designed to help homeowners navigate the process of installing a heat pump easily and affordably.  

ACTT’s Executive Director Lawson Wulsin points out that “heat pumps lower cost, increase comfort and health and help fight climate change. It’s a win, win, win scenario!” The MDI-based nonprofit is partnering with a local heat pump contractor throughout the campaign who will be featured as a speaker during the event. Other speakers include Andy Meyer of Efficiency Maine and Judy Long of Versant Power.  

To sign up for this event or to learn more about the Electrify MDI campaign, visit or email [email protected]. 

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