This postcard is one of a series featuring photos of Bar Harbor right after the fire of 1947 by photographer Wes Brown. FROM THE COLLECTION OF EARL BRECHLIN

Historical record From the December 1947 Bar Harbor Times

By Deborah Dyer, director, Bar Harbor Historical Society


“Christmas Greetings” by A. Haymaker


Santa, it’s hard to “take me pen in hand”

Still aching from the cruel scar across a well-loved land

Yet from the empty hearth stones there must rise

Our song of welcome to the wintry skies,

And hearts must leave their heaviness behind

When gazing at your jovial face so kind.

Therefore, fat and jolly Saint,

Bring us timber, concrete, paint,

Bathtubs, bowls, “et ceteras”

Piping, furnaces and cars.

Clapboards, nails and saws and shingles

And all the family of Kringles

To build our new house and a new chimney

To fit your girth with ease, by jimminy.

Hang bright garlands on the eaves

Of every Abbott, Libby, Cleaves,

MacLeod, McGarr, MacPike, MacQuinn

McKay and Minot Milliken

Let there be no dearth of Gin

For DeWitt Poole and William Proctor

And for each hard working Doctor.

Potter, Parsons, Peach and Pray

Gott, Gordon,Gooch and Gray

Miller, Morangm Murch and May

For Lowell Jordan and Jack Burke

For Thomas Sweeney and Blanche Sturk

Light a candle tall and red

For Jellison, Fount,and Jellison, Fred

For the Brownings, “Dougie” and Ted

For Louise Leland, Robert Lee

For Harry Johnson and Bell Gurnee

For Mrs. Dorrance and Doc Fur-fey.

Loudly sound each gay bell ringer

For Brewer, Malcolm and Brewer “Dinger”

For Norman Shaw and Frank Springer

And the old Yale guard, Pudge Hefflfinger.

Sound a special tuneful chime

For the clerks at the “Five and Dime.”

So the happy Brownies hop

For Shirley Bunker and Harry Copp

Billy Burton and Russell Crane

John Parascan and Carl B. Paine

Burr, Maurice & Burr, Jane.

See them caper ‘round the tree

For McLean,Harris and Ells, John B.

For Foster,Vesta and Foster, G.

For Carter, Alton R. and E.

For Hanson and Hamor and Hagerthy

Santa, shake the rotund belly

With mirth for the Leonards, C and Nellie

Runner, Preble, Norton Perry

Higgins, Ambrose, Charles and Jerry

Cecil, Edgar, Ruth Luray

Elliott, Myrtle and Archie A.

Fill a stocking bright and early

For the Haradens, Sylvia and Shirley

For Mrs.Bray and Charlie Shea

Also for Eddie,Teddie and Mae,

For Alton Jewett and Nellie Dodge

And the ghost of old Sir Oliver Lodge.

A long and potent “Cherrio”

For Coach Mansfield and “Jersey Joe”

For Coach Kus and Tullio

For Frank Clark and Clark O.

For Howe Smith and Hollis Rowe

“Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men”

To the Hadleys, Mary & Ben

And of joy an awful lot

To the gang at the Lobster Pot

To Bob Kinney, Spencer, “Pinney”

To ladies fat and ladies skinny.

Good luck to Alonzo Tuck

And good luck too, to Adele Muncu

A toast in rum to John Whit-comb

And in ale to Foley, Dale

One in stout to Carrie Strout

One in sherry to George Berry

Santa, fill-well one for Cliff Stillwell

Be sure to brew it for Arthur Jewett

“Happy Days” to Capt. Hayes

“Allah Kazam” to R. Cunningham

“Sweet Adeline” to Father Divine,

And to every Lion here’s “Auld Lang Syne.”

From the roast pig a goodly feast

For Asa Wasgatt, Wholean, West.

And a slice of the very best

For Mrs. Conners and Esther West

Light the gay and festive yule

For all the kids that go to school,

Brightly let it snap and kindle

For Morris, Ted and Gertrude Grindle.

Give a good gift from out the grab-

Bag to each one at the Lab.

A candy stick to George Renwick

To J. Schwartz and all the Walls

To Eleanor Mellon and all the Halls

To the boys that shoot the basketballs.

A sprig from the festive Mistletoe

Grace doorway of A. Shiro

Of Kebo Club and Phil’s Radio

Of Asa Hodgkins and Doyle, Joe.

To all my friends, both female and male,

Bring good cheer and plenty of kale

And shelter if stormy winds do wail.

And may each grim political pest

Find sedatives to give him rest

So that true peace already late

May greet your coming in ‘48.

Editor’s Note: This poem appeared in the Bar Harbor Times a few weeks after the fire that burned much of the eastern part of Mount Desert Island.


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