The YWCA on Mount Desert Street is among the buildings on the town of Bar Harbor's historic buildings list. ISLANDER FILE PHOTO

Historic properties list revised

BAR HARBOR — An update to the town’s official list of historic buildings will come to voters on the June 13 town meeting ballot, following a vote by the Town Council last week.

Inclusion on the list imposes some additional requirements for property owners who may wish to demolish or renovate those buildings. The buildings are all in the Design Review Overlay District, which includes downtown districts and the Town Hill Business district.

The list appears as Appendix A in the town’s land use ordinance (LUO) and is supposed to be updated annually by the Design Review Board, Planning Director Bob Osborne said. The process for approval of updates is different than other LUO amendments; for example, no public hearing before the Town Council is required.

The DRB held a public hearing on Feb. 23 on their updated list. Property owners who indicated that they did not want their building to be included were removed from the proposed list, Osborne said. In updating the list, the board removed buildings that already had been demolished, updated business names and removed buildings no longer situated in the Overlay District.

The proposal also includes reordering the list to be published by tax map and lot numbers for easier reference, Osborne said.

Bar Harbor historic building list 2017

Sherman’s Bookstore    56 Main St.

Morrison Building         62 Main St.

Grant Building     80 Main St.

Bar Harbor Banking & Trust  82 Main St.

First National Bank       102 Main St.

Barnacle     112 Main St.

Hemporium          116 Main St.

Ward Building      128 Main St.

Acadia Corp.        134 Main St.

Sailor & Hook      154 Main St.

Independent Café/Katahdin Photo Gallery 164 Main St.

Window Panes     166 Main St.

Ivy Manor  194 Main St.

Tea House  278 Main St.

Acadia Frameworks       288 Main St.

Anchorspace        337 Main St.

Bangor Hydro Building 18 Edgewood St.

McKay’s Restaurant      227 Main St.

Abbe Museum      26 Mount Desert St.

Information Building     Firefly Lane

Bar Harbor Fire Station Firefly Lane

Coston & McIsaac         38 Rodick St.

Stone Soup 113 Main St.

Fenton et al. Law Offices         109 Main St.

Bar Harbor Savings & Loan Assn.   103 Main St.

Galyn’s       17 Main St.

Thankful Cottage 1 Billings Ave.

Manor House Inn 106 West St.

The Bar Harbor Club     111 West St.

Rosebriar    111West St.

Criterion Theatre  35 Cottage St.

U.S. Post Office   55 Cottage St.

Dr. Park’s Office  67 Cottage St.

Cottage on Cottage        69 Cottage St.

Bar Harbor Municipal Building        93 Cottage St.

Carrying Place      130 Cottage St.

Coplon Assoc./Dobbs Productions   112 Cottage St.

Salon NaturELLES        74 Cottage St.

American Legion Hall    70 Cottage St.

Central House      60 Cottage St.

Rosalie’s     46 Cottage St.

Epicurean   8 Cottage St.

White Columns Inn        57 Mount Desert St.

Stonethrow 67 Mount Desert St.

Mira Monte Inn    69 Mount Desert St.

Stratford House Inn       45 Mount Desert St.

Thornhedge Inn    47 Mount Desert St.

Holbrook House Inn      74 Mount Desert St.

Primrose Inn        73 Mount Desert St.

The Kedge  112 West St.

The Tides    119 West St.

St. Saviour’s Church and Rectory    41 Mount Desert St.

Bar Harbor Congregational Church  29 Mount Desert St.

Holy Redeemer Catholic Church       56 Mount Desert St.

Jesup Memorial Library 34 Mount Desert St.

Villa Mary  77 Eden St.

Bagatelle     75 Eden St.

Fenwold      6 Harbor Lane

The Breezes          125 West St.

Greenlawn  123 West St.

Saltair         121 West St.

The Sunset  115 West St.

The Crossways    4 Holland Ave.

Westfield    120 West St.

Maisonette  118 West St.

Chantier      116 West St.

Petunia Cottage    110 West St.

Foster Cottage      108 West St.

Charles Marinke Residence     130 West St.

Blanchfield House          37 Eden St.

Caruso Residence 41 Eden St.

Cadillac North Face       23 Cottage St.

Cadillac AG         29 Cottage St.

Odd Fellow’s Hall         39 Cottage St.

Village Emporium         14 Cottage St.

Village Green (bandstand, clock, fountain)

YWCA of MDI    36 Mount Desert St.

Bar Harbor Inn (original Reading Room only)     8 Newport Drive

Bass Cottage Inn  14 The Field

Ullikana      16 The Field

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