Hearings set

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Public hearings on several warrant articles for the upcoming town meeting are set for Tuesday, April 9 at 5:30 p.m. at the fire station. Two zoning changes and a harbor management plan are on the agenda.

One zoning change would reduce the minimum residential floor space in all zones to 250 square feet, from the current minimum of 500 square feet.

“This particular size is great for someone who has a garage and wants to put a rental on top,” Code Enforcement Officer Don Lagrange said last month.

A second proposed amendment to the land use ordinance for voters to decide is changing the wording on Section VI, N-2 from “a permit must be obtained from the Town of Southwest Harbor’s Sewer Department” to “Southwest Harbor Water and Sewer District (the District).”

Finally, the board will hold a hearing on a proposal to adopt the Harbor Management Plan as an addendum to the town’s Comprehensive Plan.

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