Hearing set for Gouldsboro seaweed farm

GOULDSBORO — The Department of Marine Resources will hold a public hearing, Tuesday, March 26 at 6 p.m. at the Gouldsboro Municipal Building,  on the application of Springtide Seaweed, LLC for a 20-acre, 10-year, aquaculture lease on a site located west of Stave Island in Frenchman Bay. The company plans to grow sugar kelp, skinny kelp, winged kelp, horsetail/fingered kelp, dulse, Irish moss and nori/laver on the lease site.

Springtide Seaweed is owned and operated by Sarah Redmond and Trey Angera. The company operates a seaweed nursery and processing facility in Port Clyde and, last August, announced a collaboration with College of the Atlantic. A research and production facility is planned for the basement of the college’s historic Turrets building.

“In Maine we have the traditional wild seaweed harvest industry that’s been around for a long time, but the seaweed aquaculture industry is newer, and we need to build up infrastructure for that,” Redmond said last year.

At the hearing, the Department will take evidence relating to the criteria for granting a lease, including the effect of the proposed lease upon riparian owners’ shore access, navigation, fishing, ecology and other uses of the area.

Contact Angel Wilson at DMR, 624-6546 or [email protected]

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