Downeast Births: at MDI Hospital

The following babies were born recently at Mount Desert Island Hospital in Bar Harbor:

NORWOOD—to Courtney Rich and Adam Norwood of Trenton, a son, Abel James, April 7.

SARGENT—to Erin LaSalle of Mariaville, a son, Ethan Richard, April 11.

MERCADO—to Mary and John Mercado of Southwest Harbor, a daughter, Helena Grace, April 12.

COUGH—to Joseph and Lindsey Cough of Mount Desert, a son, Gordon Argyll Sebastian, April 14.

HARN—to Daniel and Jamie Harn of Southwest Harbor, a son, Sean Patrick, April 14.

DUNBAR—to Rebekah Dunbar of Franklin, a daughter, Kennedy Kelsey, April 17.

NICHOLSON—to Christina and Peter Nicholson of Bar Harbor, a daughter, Piper Anne, April 19.

KIBE—to Ashleigh and Donald Kibe Jr. of Trenton, a daughter, Aria Lynn, April 20.

MCINTIRE—to Spring Chisholm and Miles McIntire of Ellsworth, a daughter, Alyvia Rayne, April 22.

CORBIN—to Moriah and Michael Corbin II of Otis, a son, Eli Charles, April 23.

WRIGHT—to Shona Soule and Joshua Wright of Mariaville, a son, Keslar Kevin, April 28.

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