February birth announcements from MDI Hospital 


A daughter, Avery Marie Klaver, was born Feb. 1 to Paige and Elliott Klaver of Bass Harbor. 

A daughter, Lily Pettegrow, was born Feb. 10 to Abbe Pettegrow of Southwest Harbor. 

A daughter, Rose Parker, was born Feb. 18 to Sophia Spiker and Nathan Parker of West Tremont. 

A son, Haven Whyte, was born Feb. 19 to Deanna Aguinaga Whyte and Blake Whyte of Bar Harbor. 

A daughter, Brigid Saulgrove, was born Feb. 21 to Ryann Grove and Michael Saul of Bar Harbor. 

A daughter, Rosalyn Avis Keene, was born Feb. 22 to Isabel and Alexander Keene of Southwest Harbor. 



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