The largest house lot in the newly-approved Hamilton Hill subdivision includes this 7,600-square-foot mansion built by Robert Juliano in 1984. Whoever buys the lot, developer Chris Swan said, “can use [the mansion] as is or knock it down and build on the original foundation of the house that burned in 1947.” ISLANDER FILE PHOTO

Hamilton Hill subdivision approved

BAR HARBOR — A 16-lot subdivision was approved by the Planning Board last week. The Hamilton Hill subdivision will have house lots ranging in size from a half-acre to 6 acres, said developer Chris Swan of Kebo LLC. The lots will be on town water and sewer.

A new road off Kebo Street will give access to 14 of the lots, Swan said. He noted that the private road will be “built to standards for the town to accept” some day.

The other two lots will be serviced by an existing driveway off Eagle Lake Road.

Most of the lots will be sold as tracts of land to build on. However, the 6-acre lot has an existing, 7,600-square-foot mansion, as well as a foundation from an older mansion that burned in the 1947 fire, Swan said.

The existing mansion was built by Robert Juliano in 1984, according to town tax records.

The older, burned mansion, which Swan estimates to have been around 7,000 or 8,000 square feet, was once known as Thirlstane.

Built by William Pearson Hamilton, a relative of Alexander Hamilton, it was never rebuilt after the fire. During the idle period, visitors would visit the ruins of Thirlstane.

“They’ll have many options,” Swan said of the future buyer of the 6-acre property. “They can use [the mansion] as is, or knock it down and build on the original foundation of the house that burned in 1947.”

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