The pink granite columns on the south side of the mansion built by Robert Juliano on Hamilton Hill. The building and 40 acres of land were purchased recently by Chris Swan and Scott Henggeler. ISLANDER PHOTO BY SAMUEL SHEPHERD

Hamilton Hill mansion sold

BAR HARBOR — A 40-acre parcel of land on Hamilton Hill previously owned by William Pearson Hamilton and Robert Juliano was purchased by Chris Swan and Scott Henggeler for $3.9 million in January.

The centerpiece of the property is a 7,600-square-foot mansion built by Juliano that overlooks the downtown village.

According to Swan, Juliano ran a business demolishing buildings and salvaging materials in New Jersey. The interior of the mansion houses an unusual collection of building materials and salvaged items Juliano curated.

Swan said that a group of pink granite pillars, visible from outside the home, were found by Juliano’s children.

“The kids were playing in the woods, and they found them piled up in the woods, and they must’ve been from the house that burned in 1947,” Swan said. “If you look at the house from the outside, you can tell that it doesn’t really fit with the rest of house.”

Hamilton, a relative of Alexander Hamilton, had a large home on the land called “Thirlstane” before it burned the Fire of ’47. The property sat idle until the Juliano family purchased the property in 1983. During the idle period, visitors would visit the ruins of Thirlstane.

“It was a desolate place where you could picnic and look at the ruins,” said Deborah Dyer, curator at the Bar Harbor Historical Society.

When Juliano purchased the property, he posted no trespassing signs that promised prosecution. Swan said the property is monitored by cameras and police.

Five years ago, Swan and Henggeler purchased 35 acres on Hamilton Hill from the Juliano family and divided it into 14 residential lots, 13 of which have been sold. This recent purchase, a private sale between Swan and Henggeler and the Juliano family, gives them 75 acres on Hamilton Hill.

The Juliano property also could be subdivided.

“We’ll probably go for 16 or 17 lots,” Swan said. “But I think there’s a distinct possibility that someone may approach us, before we get to that point, being interested in the whole properties.”

He said he hopes to keep the existing home and Thirlstane ruins preserved and part of one lot.

This property also has views of mountains in Acadia National Park to the south.

“The two selling points were 40 acres of land next to Bar Harbor with the most incredible views and the property had never been publicly marketed,” Swan said. “I think it’s a good deal.”

The property has an assessed value of $2,061,000 for tax purposes.

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