Gym use pondered

TREMONT — Selectmen are considering a better method of regulating public use of the town’s community building, one that could lead to one process for athletic pursuits and another for people holding yard sales, birthday parties or similar events.

The community center, which also serves as the auditorium and gym for the Tremont Consolidated School, is a popular location for the public to play basketball and host community events when not in use by the school. As the system works now, residents can check out a key to the facility at Gott’s Store.

In February 2014, selectmen, prompted by damage to facility that occurred during public use, directed the town’s Recreation Board to recommend a better system for keeping track of who is using the facility and when. One of the recommendations was to institute a photo identification card for display when checking out the key. This has not been implemented, Town Manager Dana Reed told selectmen Monday.

One reason is the town doesn’t have the machine needed to make the photo identifications cards, Reed said. Recently, the fire department has come forward with an offer to loan their machine for use in the town office. That alone does not solve issues with public use of the facility, Reed said.

He is suggesting a two-tiered system.

Residents using the facility to play pick-up basketball or other sports would present their identification cards at Gott’s and check out the key. No prior notice of use would be required, Reed said.

Other users would need advance approval from the Recreation Board, which would review the use to make sure it meets guidelines and won’t damage the facility, Reed said.

The gym floor, which was refinished within the past few weeks, was scratched by children riding tricycles and other toys on the floor during a recent birthday party, Reed said. The party hosts later said they didn’t know that such a use was not allowed.

Selectman Stewart Murphy expressed concern that the Recreation Board might not be able to review someone’s intended use of the facility in a timely manner.

No action was taken by selectmen on the matter, which is to be discussed again at a future meeting.

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