Grants for harbor planning 

AUGUSTA — The Maine Coastal Program intends to allocate approximately $120,000 in Shore and Harbor Planning grants this year. Individual grants may not exceed $30,000. 

The grant program is intended to support sound waterfront planning and harbor management, balanced development of shore and harbor areas, planning for waterfront infrastructure improvements, planning for climate resiliency and access to the shore. 

Funds will be awarded on a competitive basis, based on the results of a project scoring and selection process. Grants are intended to be issued to municipalities, but other entities and organizations may participate through a partnership with a lead municipality. 

A match, in cash or in-kind, of 25 percent of total project cost is required. Projects showing a substantial additional municipal share will improve the competitiveness of the project proposal. The project match can include direct project cost and documented values of in-kind services, including expenditures for the development and preparation of the grant application. 

Potential applicants are encouraged to contact Kathleen Leyden, Maine Coastal Programat [email protected] to discuss project ideas and consistency with the purposes of the program. 

Final deadline for proposals is June 22. 

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