Posters such as these, which have been put up across Mount Desert Island and in Trenton, were vandalized last week.  ISLANDER PHOTO BY SARAH HINCKLEY

Gousse calls poster vandalism ‘cowardly’ 

BAR HARBOR — Over the past couple of weeks, a number of posters attached to utility poles around Mount Desert Island, promoting safe practices to prevent transmission of COVID-19, have been defaced. 

Each poster features a photo of a student from a different school wearing a face maskThe wording on the posters is slightly different for each school. 

In Southwest Harbor, for example, the posters read, “Pemetic Safe is Pemetic Strong.” For the high school, the message is, “Trojan Safe is Trojan Strong.” 

“The posters have been amazing,” Superintendent Marc Gousse told the school system board Monday night. “I am very proud of our kids and our staff and what they’ve done to help educate our community and fight COVID. 

What I am not proud of is how somebody could take something so positive, so student led and, in a cowardly instant, attack that and deface it and defile it. It’s sad. 

“We are working with law enforcement to see if we can determine how that happened,” Gousse said. 

“That is not representative of who we are as communities and individuals. And I know that a majority of folks stand solidly behind our students and our efforts to keep safe.” 

The idea for the posters originated with the school system’s “A team,” which is made of central office administrators and the principals of all the schools in the district. Bunky Dow, the high school’s athletic and student activities director, coordinated the project. 

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