Gathering seeks to offer support

BAR HARBOR — A group of healing professionals is hosting an ad-hoc community gathering to offer support for anyone reeling from recent national events and responses to them. The event is planned for Oct. 15 at 6:30 p.m. at the Bar Harbor Congregational Church basement parish hall.

“Over the last few weeks, many of us have been thrown off our everyday stride by events taking place in this country. Most people we encounter speak of their fear, their sadness, their rage over what has become the new normal in this time and place,” a statement from the group said.

“We would like to offer a time and place to hold a space for everything we are feeling as women wondering why no one believes us, as men wondering how to act in current times, as young people wondering how we will be able to live in and perhaps change this world, and for every soul who is troubled by the ability to seek their own truth in gender, sexuality, race, religion, ethnicity. These times have affected all of us.”

Organizers stress it is not an event sponsored by a political party, organization, or church denomination, and is meant to be inclusive of everyone.

“Above all, bring an open heart and your real emotions,” organizers said. “Sadness, despair, rage – they are all hard, but so very real. And bring your compassion, for yourself and for one another.”

The organizing group includes Mary Dudzik, Hayley Merchant, Milja Brecher-Demuro, Tara McKernan, Jane Tawney, Laura Hendricks, Laura Neal, Donna Beals, Puranjot and Mahan Deva Khalsa, Cristy and Rob Benson and Bo Greene.

Contact Dudzik at 266-2428.

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