Forlorn fawns reunited, and cop feels so good

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Officer Gary Caron on May 24 reunited two newborn fawns with their mother.

Caron went to a property on the Clark Point Road after landscapers reported there was a fawn trapped inside a fence. When the officer arrived, he found a second fawn inside the fence. The nervous mom was pacing back and forth on a neighboring property. Caron carried the youngsters outside the fenced area, where the mother again took over child-rearing responsibilities.

Police were called May 24 by someone who said a young woman was passed out along the sidewalk on the Herrick Road. A man in a pickup stopped and helped her in the vehicle, telling the reporting party that she was drunk. The truck and woman were not located.

A sign near the Manset Town Dock was reported vandalized Monday.

Bar Harbor

Police investigated a suspicious package reported Sunday on a bench at Agamont Park. The package turned out to be a book.

Paul Terry, 26, of Portland was arrested Saturday on a charge of operating while under the influence (OUI).

Officer Jerrod Hardy intervened early Saturday when he saw a man starting a fight with a bouncer at a downtown bar. The barroom brawler was warned for disorderly conduct and ordered to leave the property.

A short time later, Hardy was called to a hotel, where an intoxicated individual was causing a disturbance. The man was escorted to his room.

Police received a report Saturday of three vehicles traveling the wrong way in the construction zone on Route 3 in Hulls Cove.

On Friday, Hardy and Officer Chris Dickens provided traffic control for a young seal on the road near the intersection of Cottage and Eden streets. Members of Allied Whale picked up the stranded pup and took it to a rehabilitation center in Harpswell for further care.

Catherine Austin, 50, of Bar Harbor was arrested May 24 on an outstanding warrant charging her with unpaid fines related to a conviction for OUI.

Mount Desert

A vehicle stop on Saturday in Hall Quarry ended with the arrest of a Bangor man. Zachary Elkins, 25, was arrested by Officer Brady Smith on a charge of OUI.

A bag of used hypodermic needles and a cell phone were found May 23 along the Indian Point Road. Police said the needles and phone were unrelated. The phone’s owner later told officers she had put it on the roof of her car and drove off forgetting it was there.

A 2006 Nissan had to be towed Sunday after the driver struck a deer on Route 102.

The driver, Daniel Welch, 31, of Dover Foxcroft was not injured.


Deputy Corey Bagley of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office responded Monday afternoon to a report of a person repeatedly driving an ATV back and forth down the middle of the Goose Cove Road. Bagley failed to locate the driver.

A resident reported Saturday seeing a suspicious vehicle and hearing gunshots near a property he owns.


A 22-year-old woman was warned on Saturday after a 21-year-old male asked the sheriff’s department to keep her from entering his home without permission.

A resident reported on Friday ongoing harassment issues involving another person. As a result, the sheriff’s department issued oral warnings against harassment.


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