An aerial view of the Southwest Harbor upper town dock on Clark Point Road showing the planned layout of 10 new finger floats set to be installed this spring. IMAGE COURTESY OF THE TOWN OF SOUTHWEST HARBOR

Floats at upper town dock to be replaced


SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Beginning this summer, the upper town dock will have two more finger floats than it has had in the past, and all will be new.

Last week, selectmen approved a $43,566.71 bid from Charles Bradley Construction for the construction and installation of 10 new floats, expected to be complete by May 15.

The existing floats have lined the upper town dock for close to 20 years. At this point, the cost of their maintenance has started to exceed their worth, Harbormaster Adam Thurston said. He anticipates that, with proper and timely maintenance, the new floats will last up to 25 years.

The dock’s current eight floats will be transferred from the Hook lot in Manset to the town garage on Seal Cove Road, also by May 15, where Thurston hopes they will be auctioned off or sold.

The winning bid was one of four received by the town.

A state grant of $15,000 will partially fund the initiative. Thurston and Town Manager Don Lagrange drafted and submitted the grant request through the state’s Submerged Lands program.

The town has $27,972 available in a capital improvement account that will go toward the project, Lagrange said in a memo, and the remaining $600 will require a budget increase.

Five floats will run west to east from the main float. Two will run north to south attached to the south side of the fifth float, and three floats will run east to west attached to the west side of the seventh float.

A number will be engraved on each float, with the first float being the one that attaches to the main float.

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Henriette Chacar

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