Fleet recognized

MOUNT DESERT — The Northeast Harbor Fleet has been awarded Gold Level Certification for its 2017 season and for the 2017 IOD World Championships by Sailors for the Sea’s Clean Regatta Program.

Hosted this past August in Northeast Harbor, the IOD Worlds incorporated the Green initiatives taken by the club for the 2017 season and implemented a variety of environmentally sound best practices specific to the regatta.

Clean Regattas is a certification system that enables sailors to protect their local waters with 25 best practices that make sustainability approachable and easy.

“We were thrilled to support the Northeast Harbor Fleet (NEHF) in their efforts to educate members and regatta participants on environmental protection by serving as a model for responsible sailing and racing,” said Robyn Albritton of Sailors for the Sea. “Working with the NEHF Green Team and the 2017 IOD Worlds organizers, Sailors for the Sea helped to formalize their conservation efforts and to raise awareness of ocean friendly behavior.”

During the season and the Worlds regatta, the fleet installed water bottle filling stations, used reusable glasses, plates and utensils for events and improved processes for recycling and composting.

According to 2017 IOD Worlds Regatta Chair John Roberts, “the 2017 World Championships was excited to implement the Clean Regattas Best Practices to reduce our environmental impact. We wanted to raise awareness about the issues our ocean faces such as marine debris, chemical runoff and ocean acidification, and this world-class regatta provided the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to all of our participants how to go green.”

This was the first year that the IOD World Championships has been run as a Clean Regatta and certified by Sailors for the Sea. The best practices incorporated into the Northeast Harbor Fleet’s seasonal operation are now in place for future seasons and regattas.



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