Bud Trask will talk about what he learned fishing with his father, Bass Harbor fisherman Orville Trask, when he was a kid in the 1950s. PHOTO COURTESY OF TREMONT HISTORICAL SOCIETY

Fishing in the fifties; Bud Trask recalls bygone era

TREMONT — The Tremont Historical Society will be hosting a talk by Bud Trask titled “Fishing in the Fifties” on Monday, Aug. 26 at 7 p.m. at the Pacific Hall in West Tremont.

He will describe lobster and trawl fishing methods and equipment he and his father employed and take questions from the audience.

Trask is a member of the Moore family, and the novelist Ruth Moore was his aunt. But the Gott’s Island-rooted family has produced far more than its share of scholars, scientists, doctors and musicians as well as some of the area’s finest fishermen.

Among these was Trask’s father, Bass Harbor fisherman Orville Trask.

As a boy, growing up in Tremont in the 1950s, Bud Trask went trawling with his dad, catching what was then an abundance of halibut, hake, haddock and cusk. He also fished for lobsters with his own traps in the Bass Harbor bay area as a member of the so-called “mosquito fleet.”

Trask did not follow in his father’s wake and instead, like his four siblings, forged a different path for the Moore family, becoming a math and computer science teacher.

He is retired and now lives in Georgetown, where he finds himself drawn to boats, which he restores for resale, and to the company of local fisherman and the tales they tell, of making their rugged living in the modern age.

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