Fernald Cove clam change

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Clammers may now dig to their hearts’ content in Fernald Cove, after selectmen approved unlimited recreational licenses for clamming in the cove through the winter.

The 28-acre area located between Fernald Point and Connor Point has been closed for clamming by the Department of Marine Resources from May through October until 2022.

An unusually high bacterial count was recorded in May 2017 but the source has yet to be pinpointed, officials said.

Shellfish Conservation Committee Chairman Jim Colquhoun asked selectmen at the Nov. 13 meeting to allow unlimited digging through the winter months when the state closure does not apply.

Residents and non-residents of the town are allowed to dig for clams in the flat from November through April. Licenses for digging can be acquired at the Town Office.

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