Barry Gutradt, left, visits Carol Bult in her lab at The Jackson Laboratory. His late sister Gail Gutradt of Bar Harbor donated $450,000 to the laboratory in honor of Bult’s work. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE JACKSON LABORATORY

Estate gift honors friendship

BAR HARBOR — Carol Bult and the late Gail Gutradt became friends many years ago practicing meditation at the True Nature Zen Center here.

When Gutradt died of cancer last year, she made a bequest of $450,000 to The Jackson Laboratory in honor of Bult’s work.

Gutradt was an author, businesswoman and humanitarian who had lived in Bar Harbor for many years. She was co-owner of seasonal shops Boston Baked Beads, The Dancing Deer and The Blue Heron Shop. More recently, she volunteered extensively at the Wat Opot Children’s Community, a home for children affected by HIV/AIDS in Cambodia. She wrote a book about the experience, “A Rocket Made of Ice,” in which she called Wat Opot “a workshop for souls” that enriches the lives of everyone involved.

“What I will remember about Gail is her deep compassion for others and that she embraced life fully, even the uncomfortable parts,” Bult said. “She was able to see beauty and hope in conditions and situations that most of us would view with despair. Her gift to my research program will allow me to continue Gail’s legacy of living to benefit others.”

Gutradt’s brother Barry, executor of her estate, visited Bult’s lab last month to learn about her work.

“Gail was a good friend, and I miss her dearly,” Bult said. “She was enthusiastic about our research into using the genome information encoded in a patient’s tumor to identify the treatment options most likely to be effective.”

Bult joined the JAX faculty in 1999 and was appointed the Knowlton Family Chair in 2015. She serves as deputy director of the Laboratory’s Cancer Center and scientific director of the PDX/Cancer Avatar program, leading the study of human tumors and their response to treatment on the platform of special, immune-deficient mice.

Bult also is a member of MDI Search and Rescue and the Bar Harbor Town Band.


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Liz Graves

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