Stream Smart workshop April 6 via Zoom 

BAR HARBOR — Why did the turtle cross the road? Because it couldn’t go through the culvert or under the bridge.    

Since 2011, Maine Audubon has been working with partners across the state to provide training on how to construct culverts and bridges that restore and maintain fish and wildlife habitat while also protecting roads and public safety. Maine Audubon is hosting a Stream Smart workshop on April 6, from 8:30 a.m. to noon.  

Maine has nearly 30,000 road/stream crossings. The majority of these crossings block fish and wildlife passage. As annual storms get larger and more frequent, replacing crossings is critical for Maine’s future in the face of climate change. 

Stream Smart crossings are culverts and bridges that allow streams to flow naturally as if the road weren’t even there. Not only does this allow fish and wildlife to move freely and safely through the landscape, but it also reduces the risk of a road washing out in large storms therefore protecting investments in infrastructure. 

Join this online workshop to learn: 

  • The value of free-flowing streams. 
  • The regulations that are applicable when working on road/stream crossings.  
  • The principles of building Stream Smart crossings. 
  • The costs and benefits of Stream Smart crossings. 
  • Where to look for funding. 

The workshop is free but pre-registration is required. To register, visit 

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