The electrical switching station under construction at Young's Corner, at the intersection of Eagle Lake Road and Norway Drive, is further away from the road than the existing facility. Once it is complete, the front structure will be decommissioned and taken down, and the area will be landscaped. ISLANDER PHOTO BY LIZ GRAVES

Emera closes the loop; Work begins on switching station

BAR HARBOR — A new electrical switching station is under construction at the Young’s Corner site on the corner of Eagle Lake Road and Norway Drive.

The new switching station will complete the upgrade to improve power service to Bar Harbor by “creating a looped, redundant electric supply,” according to Steve Sloan, Emera’s manager of transmission development.

“Now that the second transmission line feed along Rt. 3, and the new Acadia Substation, are complete and operating, this upgrade will provide the final protections and controls which enable the high speed loop to function fully,” Sloan wrote in a May 31 letter to abutters of the project.

The new permanent switching station will replace a temporary switching station set up on the same site. “Right now there could be a delay in switching from one system to another,” causing a temporary power outage if one of the two systems goes down, Sloan explained to the Planning Board in July.

“That older equipment does not enable that quick automated changeover. Primary purpose of the new station is to make everything automated.”

The switching station is being constructed near the back of the property, down a hill and away from the road. Once it is complete, Sloan said, the front structure will be decommissioned and taken down, and the area will be landscaped.

Previously, old diesel generators on the site that used to provide back-up electrical support to the old system before the upgrade were removed in 2016.

The site plan for the project was accepted by the Planning Board on Aug. 7. The building permit was issued on Aug. 27. According to Planning Department records, the estimated project cost is $1 million.

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Former Islander reporter Becky Pritchard covered the town of Bar Harbor and was a park ranger in Acadia for six seasons.
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