Elver report

ELLSWORTH — As of 6 p.m. Monday, The Department of Marine Resources (DMR) reported Maine elver dealers buying a total of 2,806 pounds of the eels with a reported value of $5,410,621, for an average price-per-pound of $1,928.

Of this year’s landings since the season opened on March 22, 1,469 pounds came from DMR-licensed elver harvesters, leaving 6,097 pounds of the quota remaining.

Passamaquoddy Tribe harvesters have landed 1,246 pounds, leaving 58.57 pounds if the quota remaining. The Penobscot Nation landed 79.73 pounds of their 620 pound quota.

Because the number of licensed fisherman is small in each case and their respective quotas are correspondingly small — The Maliseet have just over 106 pounds and the Micmac about 39 pounds — landings by those tribes remain confidential.

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