Elevator scare ends well

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Two people were briefly trapped in an elevator at a local establishment Saturday afternoon. They called the police from a cell phone. The key to the elevator system was found, and Lt. Michael Miller responded to assist in freeing the riders.

A resident reported that someone had followed her home the morning of Dec. 19. An officer talked with the person, who was later transported in a police cruiser to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Police responded to a report of a dog loose on the Freeman Ridge Road the morning of Dec. 21 and warned the owner for having their dog at large.

Abe Noyes, 25, of Southwest Harbor was driving his 2003 Toyota Tacoma on Seawall Road Friday evening when he lost control and the truck struck a tree, according to reports. He and a passenger were uninjured, police said.

No suspects have been identified in an alleged vandalism incident at a local residence. Police responded Sunday and took photos. The resident said items had been moved around and some things were missing.

Someone reported the door of a house on East Ridge Road was open Monday evening. Police said the wind had blown it open.

Bar Harbor

Bernard Ramsdell, 58, of Canaan was charged with falsifying physical evidence and failure to report a motor vehicle accident after the delivery truck he was driving struck a 2015 Toyota owned by Bonnie Cross, 60, of Hancock, which was parked at The Jackson Laboratory on Dec. 20. No one was injured, and the truck sustained no damage. There was minor damage to the Toyota.

According to investigating Officer Soren Sundberg, Ramsdell’s truck struck the car while he was trying to pull into a parking space. Sundberg reported that, after inspecting his vehicle, Ramsdell “proceeded to remove debris from the [car] off of [his truck] in an effort to conceal the cause of the crash.”

Sundberg said Ramsdell initially denied any knowledge of the accident but later admitted his involvement. “He … claimed he concealed the crash as he feared it would cause the loss of his job.”

No one was injured when a 2007 Chevrolet van driven by Roy Burton, 61, of Eastbrook ran into the back of a 2014 Honda Accord driven by Jessica Desveaux, 36, of Bar Harbor on Eden Street on Dec. 19 after Desveaux stopped for a construction zone flagger. Both vehicles sustained damage but were able to be driven. No charges were filed.

Bar Harbor police received several complaints Dec. 19 about dump trucks on Eagle Lake Road and Lower Main Street making noise by using engine brakes or Jake brakes. Officer Ken Mitchell said he told one caller that he would speak with the dump truck operators to see if they would refrain from using Jake brakes. He also informed the caller that Bar Harbor has no ordinance prohibiting their use.

No one was injured when a 2012 Dodge driven by Jessie Seavey, 31, of Trenton struck the side of a 2008 GMC truck driven by Jennifer Sinclair, 30, of Bar Harbor at the intersection of Norway Drive and Old Norway Drive on Dec. 20. Both vehicles sustained minor damage. No charges have been filed.

Two cars struck the same deer on Route 3 near Norway Drive on Dec. 21. No one in either car was injured, but both vehicles were damaged. The deer was dispatched by police.

A 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander driven by Joann Smith, 60, of Franklin was traveling southbound when it struck the deer, which was then struck by a northbound 2016 Ford Fusion driven by Kiersten Donahue, 53, of Bar Harbor. The Mitsubishi had to be towed from the scene.

A 2015 Toyota Rav4 driven by Nancy Wagstaff, 54, of Trenton sustained minor damage when it struck a deer on Route 3 near the east end of Bay View Drive Dec. 21. No one in the car was injured. The deer ran into the woods.

No one was injured when Homer Lawford, 71, of Bar Harbor lost control of his 2011 Chevrolet pickup on an icy patch on Norway Drive and struck a tree Dec. 23. The left rear of the truck was damaged. No charges were filed.

Mount Desert

A driver reported hitting a deer on Route 102 on Dec. 19. There was no damage to the vehicle, and the deer ran off.


A Tremont man was summonsed on a charge of operating under the influence following a single-vehicle accident on Dec. 20.

Keith Wedge, 32, was traveling south on the Tremont Road in Tremont in a 2017 Nissan Altima when a deer ran in front of his car.

Wedge said he swerved to avoid the deer but ended up going off the road instead and hit the guy-wire of a utility pole and then hit several trees.

Deputy Brian Archer took Wedge to Mount Desert Island Hospital for treatment of injuries that were not life-threatening “after he refused to be transported by ambulance,” police said.

On the morning of Dec. 19, 16-year-old Carli Bryant of Tremont was driving a 2008 Ford Focus in snowy conditions on the Tremont Road when she lost control of the vehicle. The Ford hit a guardrail and spun around in the road. Bryant was not injured, and the vehicle had only minor damage to the front bumper.


Shortly after noon on Dec. 21, 19-year-old Alexis Durgin was driving a 2002 Honda Civic south on Bayside Road in Trenton when the vehicle went off the edge of the pavement.

Durgin attempted to steer back onto the roadway but ended up going into a skid, going off the left-hand side of the road and striking an embankment. No injuries were reported.

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