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Cathy Lewis has been named interim principal of the Pemetic Elementary School. Here, she poses with two of her students, fourth graders Kalle Dos Santos and Michael Gibson.  PHOTO COURTESY OF DENCIE MCENROE

Cathy Lewis has agreed to stay on as principal at the Pemetic School in Southwest Harbor. Here, she poses with two of her students, Kalle Dos Santos and Michael Gibson.

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Cathy Lewis, who has been working as interim principal of the Pemetic Elementary School, agreed last week to stay on through the 2016-2017 school year.

Lewis was hired as interim principal in July of last year. She replaced Dianne Helprin, who left to take a job as superintendent of Union 69.

The Southwest Harbor School Committee Jan. 13 voted unanimously to appoint Lewis to another year as principal.

According to Howard Colter, superintendent of the Mount Desert Island Regional School System, Lewis, at her request, is to cut back on her hours, working 80 percent of what is considered full-time.

Lewis, who lives in Sorrento, is an experienced school administrator. The school committee and teachers all are enthusiastic about Lewis staying on for another school year.

“We are very impressed with Cathy’s leadership,” Colter said. “We feel the school will benefit by having her here another year, even if it’s only 80 percent.”

With the cutback in hours comes a cut in pay. Lewis next year is to be paid $72,621 for working a minimum of 164 days. In addition, the school is to reimburse her $400 per month for her personal health insurance. Her salary for the current school year is $88,776.

Lewis was principal of the Surry Elementary School from 2011 to June 2015. She has been assistant principal at Sumner Memorial High School and principal of the Beech Hill School, Brewer Primary School, the Peninsula School and the Ella Lewis School. In 2000, she became an adjunct instructor in education at the University of Maine in Orono. She began her career teaching elementary school.

A search for a permanent principal at the school will resume about this time next year, Colter said.

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