• Senior Tribute: Show Choir

    Senior Tribute: Show Choir

    Like so many classes, activities and teams, MDI High School’s show choirs never had the opportunity to finish or present this year’s shows. Despite this, our show choirs created the thing that is most important to us and to our students. Don’t get us wrong; our shows this year had the promise to be some of the best

  • MDIHS Class of 2020 receives $475,00 in scholarship and award funds

    MDIHS Class of 2020 receives $475,00 in scholarship and award funds

    Editor’s Note: Because the school was not able to hold an in-person awards ceremony this year, the Islander has agreed to print this year’s list of award recipients. Congratulations to all!   National Merit Award – Peter Benson  Albert H. Cunningham Award – Rachelle Swanson  Amory Thorndike Scholarship – Dezirae Zaman  Isable Bechtle Scholarship – Adam Nuesslein, Quincy Rozeff  Coles Memorial Award – Yarrow Fabian  Joyce

  • To 72 great, local sixth graders (and their aspirations): 

    To 72 great, local sixth graders (and their aspirations): 

    Maine College Circle recognizes that the last few months have been full of challenges, but you all did such a great job on your 2020 MDI Future of Eastern Maine College Aspirations Scholarship applications that we just couldn’t choose a few of you. So, we decided to recognize all of you for your great effort and aspirations, and to award all

  • Graduation reflections: The world is at our fingertips 

    By Winslow Jeffery    Hello, Class of 2020! I would just like to start this off with a huge thank you to Mr. Haney, and to all of the staff and students and parents who have made this week truly special.   Thank you to Tasha Higgins, your sandwiches are unmatched and deliciously nostalgic; and to Hatsana, whose kindness

  • MSGA announces scholarships  

    MSGA announces scholarships  

    CUMBERLAND – The Maine State Golf Association is pleased to announce the two winners of the Frank Langlois Scholarship. This award gives a one-time grant of $5,000 to one male and one female student who have shown an active interest in golf in Maine. This year’s Frank Langlois Scholarship recipients are Gabrielle James of Bar Harbor and

  • Graduation reflections: Our testimony will matter 

    While some claim their high school years were the greatest of their life and others cringe at the mention of high school, I believe most of our experiences fall between these distinct lines. High school is not just a place, it’s a society, full of teenagers trying to find their way in life.  I joined Mount Desert Island

  • Letter from Superintendent Marc Edward Gousse, Ed.D.

    Letter from Superintendent Marc Edward Gousse, Ed.D.

    Dear students, parents, teachers, staff and members of our community:    The 2019-2020 school year has been anything but “typical” for students and teachers around the world. In today’s global society, we watched how quickly and unsparingly a pathogen can spread throughout the population of our planet. The COVID-19 pandemic has had serious and ongoing impacts on the scope and way in which we

  • Schools urged to combat racism

    Schools urged to combat racism

    BAR HARBOR — A group of Mount Desert Island High School students is asking community members to sign an online letter urging the school system to take concrete action to combat racism and promote racial equality.  The letter lists 11 steps the schools should take. These include:  Altering the curriculum “to cover the history of racism in this country and how

  • Community service stars 

    Community service stars 

    BAR HARBOR — This year, Mount Desert Island High School waived the requirement that students complete at least 20 hours of community service to graduate. But despite that decision, the senior class had collectively logged 3,347 hours of community service.  “That is 418 eight–hour days, which is a lot of help within our community and beyond,” said Wendy Littlefield,

  • Middle school straw poll explained

    Middle school straw poll explained

    BAR HARBOR — There still seems to be some confusion in area towns about what, exactly, the proposed straw poll on planning for a consolidated middle school is asking voters to weigh in on.  The question that Mount Desert Island Regional School System officials have asked town boards to include on their town meeting warrants is this: