‘Let your music ring out’ MDI grads urged

{youtube}EU5sbFN5g4A{/youtube}BAR HARBOR — An overflow crowd of more than 2,000 cheered as the 112 members of the graduating class at Mount Desert Island High school receive their diplomas in commencement ceremonies in the school gym on Sunday.

The commencement speaker was Don Grieco, a biology and dance teacher who is retiring after nearly 20 years at the school. He urged the graduates to open themselves to new experiences and possibilities.

“Don’t let the inconceivable stop you from pursuing your dreams,” he said. Gus DenDanto, the senior chosen by the faculty to speak at graduation, told his classmates not to let fear of the unknown guide their decisions.

“We will more often regret the things we avoid rather than the chances we take,” he said. “Let your music ring out. Declare your passion and love to the world. Hold onto your tune, whatever it might be. And don’t let fear be your volume control.”

Jane Pappas, who was selected by the senior class to be the second student speaker, compared the release of graduates into the world to the tossing of pebbles into water.

“This is about the waves we will make, the changes we can cause because now there is no such thing as small change,” she said. “The ocean has been making waves for eons all on its own, but it has no idea what’s about to hit it.”

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The following scholarships and awards were presented at the Mount Desert Island High School Awards Night ceremony on June 12

Albert Cunningham Scholarship – Maggie Painter

Thorndike Scholarship – Mea Clark

MELMAC Scholarship – Jacob Norton

Coles Memorial Award – Joseph DenDanto

Joyce Higgins Scholarship – Lucy Soucek, Maggie Painter

Bauer/Eichler Scholarship – Mia Jeannotte

Ellen Emery Scholarship – Sean Beaulieu

Horace & Mary Reynolds Scholarship – Riley Heist

John Fry Awards – Isabel Erickson, Olivia Erickson, Ransom Burgess

Oscar Thurston Scholarship – Todd Daley, Nicholas Woodard

Milliken Foundation – Rebecca Planchart

Kelley E. Seavey Scholarship – Riley Heist

Frank Stanley Award – Denise Lyakhovich

Holmes/Progin Scholarship – Ronald Musetti, Cole Pettegrow

Women’s Club of Northeast Harbor – Maria Burdette

Brian M. White Scholarship – Jacob Norton

Fishermen’s Fund Scholarship – Nicholas Woodard

Northeast Harbor Masonic Lodge #208 Scholarship – Jane Pappas, Chapin McFarland

Pamela Norwood Technology Scholarship – Seamus O’Brien, Meghan Catanese

Blaine Alley Memorial Scholarship – Jason Norwood, Spencer Forrest, Nicholas Woodward

Seal Harbor Old Timers Awards – Riley Heist, Ryan Littlefield

John W. Carter Scholarship – Ronald Musetti, Samuel Walker

Joshua Sprague Scholarship – Jesse Alley

Northeast Harbor Ambulance Scholarship – Denise Lyakhovich, Samuel Walker, Mea Clark, Hannah W. Shaw, Lily Lichtenstein

Marion Joy Morse Scholarship –Maria Burdette, Mea Clark, Coleman Fernald, Malcolm Clough, Hannah A. Shaw, Lindsey Pettegrow, Denise Lyakhovich, Sierra Myrick, Lily Lichtenstein, Jessica Fox, Samuel Walker, Morgan Thurston

Margaret Harriman Dyer Scholarship – Sean Beaulieu

Trenton Scholarship – Jacob Briggs, Spencer Forrest, Brigitte Parady, Keiran Rush, Jessica Fox

Trenton Historical Society Scholarship – Jessica Fox

John Phippen, Jr. Scholarship – Jason Norwood

Fred C. Lynam Scholarship – Audrey Beal, Sean Beaulieu, Sierra Bloom, Teagan Candage, Mea Clark, Malcolm Clough, Madeline Cook, Ryan Cox, Ashley Cummings, Abigail Dangler, Joseph DenDanto, Isabel Erickson, Olivia Erickson, Coleman Fernald, Dominic Frongillo, Jordan Harper, Riley Heist, Caroline Homer, Mia Jeannotte, Abigail Jones, Nellie LaValle, Ryan Littlefield, Samantha Luck, Denise Lyakhovich, Ellie Mason, Chapin McFarland, Teryn Miller, Molly Moon, Shelby O’Neil, Maggie Painter, Samuel Reeves, Caitlin Schroeder, Nathaniel Snow, Lucy Soucek, Dakota Stewart, Samuel Walker

Barry/Daso Scholarship – Kimberly Banks, Jessica Fox, Brigitte Parady

Arthur G. Goodrich Scholarship – Sierra Bloom, Mea Clark, Jordan Harper, Teryn Miller, Samuel Reeves, Dakota Stewart

James MacLeod Scholarship – Kimberly Banks, Coleman Fernald

Bar Harbor Bankers & Business Scholarship – Ronald Musetti

Horace E. Bucklin Scholarship – Spencer Forrest

Carroll Brown Scholarship – Sierra Bloom

MDI YWCA Academic Scholarship – Ellie Mason

MDI Paulette Paluga Scholarship – Molly Moon

MDI YWCA Lorin Cooper Scholarship – Samantha Luck

Maine Seacoast Mission Scholarship – Abigail Jones, Hannah A. Shaw, Caroline Homer, Nellie LaValle, Brigitte Parady, Malcolm Clough

Marshall Perrin & Helena Bailey Scholarship – Kimberly Banks

John & Mary Walsh Scholarship – Teryn Miller, Keiran Rush, Cole Pettegrow, Nathaniel Snow, Shelby O’Neil, Jacob Norton, Brigitte Parady, Luke Krebs, Madeline Cook

Ling & C. K. Chair Scholarship – Isabel Erickson, Olivia Erickson

Manset/Seawall Scholarship – Alexis Dowsland, Sierra Myrick, Jonathan Phelps, Caitlin Schroeder, Hannah Murphy, William Pearce, Lindsey Pettegrow, Nathaniel Snow

William Searls Scholarship – Hannah Murphy, Caitlin Schroeder, Sean Beaulieu, Jonathan Phelps, Lindsey Pettegrow, Sierra Myrick, Cole Pettegrow, Audrey Beal, Nathaniel Snow, Alexis Dowsland, Kathleen Murphy, Nicholas Woodard, Malcolm Clough, Caroline Homer

MDI Lioness Scholarship – Hannah Murphy, Spencer Forrest

Andrew Parker Awards – Caroline Homer, Malcolm Clough

Eugene M. Norwood Unit No. 69 Scholarship – Malcolm Clough

Eugene M. Norwood Unit No. 69 Auxiliary Scholarship – Malcolm Clough

Ruth Jordan Award from Mount Desert Nursing Association – Denise Lyakhovich

Marguerite Giles Scholarship – Maggie Painter, Ransom Burgess

James Cough Scholarship – Sierra Bloom, Evelyn Swan

Nancy McFarland Scholarship – Abraham Philbrook

William & Charles Arata Scholarship – Riley Heist

Frederick & Myrtle Iveney Scholarship – Luke Krebs, Ryan Snow, Rebecca Planchart

Evelyn Wilcomb Charitable Trust Scholarship – Hannah A. Shaw, Maria Burdette

James & Ann Rich Scholarship – Kyle Clark

Jay Ramsdell Scholarship – Hannah A. Shaw

Joe & Althea Musetti Scholarship – Samuel Walker

Ralph & Edith Leland Scholarship – Kirsten Richards

MDI Marathon Scholarship – Maggie Painter, Christopher Heel

Carlo Ninfi Scholarship – Ronald Musetti

Hancock County Schoolmasters Scholarship – Ryan Littlefield

Les Menard Scholarship – Jesse Alley, Ashley Cummings, Eleanor Park, Spencer Forrest, Jordan Harper, Jason Norwood

MDIHS All-Sports Scholarship – Madeline Cook, Jonathan Phelps

George Dix Scholarship – Audrey Beal, Sean Beaulieu, Gus DenDanto, Jozette McEnroe, Kathleen Murphy, Kyle Clark, Caroline Homer, Hannah Murphy, Cole Pettegrow, Jonathan Phelps, Nathaniel Snow

Doug & Sylvia Gott Scholarship – Riley Heist

Kip & Timothy Smith Scholarship – Evelyn Swan, Kirsten Richards

Marion & Irving Spurling Scholarship – Samuel Walker

Clint Chernosky Scholarship – Maggie Painter

Walter Churchill Awards – Jonathan Phelps, Shelby O’Neil, Teagan Candage, Malorie Young, Madeline Cook, Steven Hanscom

Pineo Award – Riley Heist

Southwest Harbor Fire Association – Malorie Young, Hannah A. Shaw

Lurvey Medal – Jonathan Phelps

Shayne Worcester Scholarship – Chapin McFarland

Southwest Harbor Medical Center Scholarship – Samuel Walker

Jack Wellington Scholarship – Malcolm Clough

Lorin Cooper/Paulette Paluga Scholarship – Malcolm Clough, Jordan Harper, Brigitte Parady

Joanna Herrick Scholarship – Riley Heist, Kirsten Richards, Molly Moon

Northeast Harbor Library Scholarship – Trevor Alley, Maria Burdette, Mea Clark, Brandon Couture, Jordan Harper, Riley Heist, Wildes Ho, Lily Lichtenstein, Ryan Littlefield, Denise Lyakhovich, Samantha Luck, Ellie Mason, Chapin McFarland, Ronald Musetti, Jane Pappas, Samuel Walker

Northeast Harbor Library Ruth Jordan Scholar – Jane Pappas

MDI Rotary Scholarship – Nellie LaValle, Aedan Higgins

Phillis and Archie Russakoff Scholarship – Abigail Jones, Hannah W. Shaw

MDI Lions Scholarship – Mea Clark, Jesse Alley

Ed & Eileen Branch Scholarship – Ashley Cummings, Jordan Harper

Marguerite Yourcenar Scholarship – Jane Pappas

Judy Albee Scholarship – Molly Moon

MDIHS 1969-79 Alumni Scholarship – Emma Soucek, Ian Wanner, Aedan Higgins, Kathleen Murphy

MDI YMCA Scholarship – Aedan Higgins

Women’s Literary Club of Mount Desert – Jane Pappas

Mitchell Institute Scholarship – Brigitte Parady

Doris Harding Scholarship – Jessica Fox, Hannah Murphy, Malcolm Clough

Mountain View Grange Scholarship – Deandra Kanu

Beth Lyons Scholarship – Meghan Catanese, Ashanti Pettaway, Christopher Heel

Lisa Sullivan/Brian Townes Scholarship – Molly Moon

MDIHS Teachers Association Scholarship – Molly Moon, Jacob Frankel

Desiree Gray Music Scholarship – Caroline Homer

Mary Gonzalez Scholarship – Madison Uliano

Bar Harbor Garden Club Inge Weber Memorial Scholarship – Eleanor Park

Patti Reilly Scholarship – Jane Pappas

Udder Heaven Scholarship – Samantha Luck

Nichole Melodie Jacobs Scholarship – Hannah Murphy

Anne R. Mattson, GNSH Visionary Award – Lily Lichtenstein, Ellie Mason, Caroline Homer, Brigitte Parady, Denise Lyakhovich

Robert Rich Scholarship – Cole Pettegrow, Nathaniel Snow, William Pearce

Robert Garrity Scholarship – Coleman Fernald

Stephen Grindle Scholarship – Brandon Couture

Save the Whales Scholarship – Jacob Briggs, Jane Pappas, Shelby O’Neil, Caitlin Schroeder

Kane College Fund – Kirsten Richards

Bridgham College Fund – Jacob Briggs

MDI Kiwanis Scholarship – Spencer Forrest, Jason Norwood

Gretchen Behre Scholarship – Caroline Homer, Samantha Luck, Sean Beaulieu

Carolyn Hodgdon Dolliver Scholarship – Cole Pettegrow, Ryan Snow, Eleanor Park, Jonathan Phelps, Lindsey Pettegrow, Nathaniel Snow, Todd Daley, Hannah Murphy, Jozette McEnroe, Sierra Myrick, Nicholas Woodard

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