Free curriculum turns compassion into action 

BAR HARBORAs teachers are scrambling to find curriculums to help them educate virtually in a school year that’s been tossed into chaos by COVID-19, a lifeline is being thrown to educators by author and former CNN journalist, Jennifer Skiff, originally from Bar Harbor. Skiff, whose book Rescuing Ladybugs: Inspirational Encounters with Animals that Changed the World, has won three firstplace literary awards and has been praised by behaviorist Dr. Michael Fox as “a clarion call that should be recommended reading for all,” is offering the curriculum at no cost to teachers. 

“Now is the time to inspire students and teach them how to create solutions to the problems in our world. This curriculum shows them how to turn their compassion into action for others,” says Skiff. “The course raises awareness about problems impacting animals and features heroes who are making positive changes globally for all species – including our own,” she adds.  

The curriculum was co-created by enrichment educator Camille Licate, founder of Kids for Positive Change. “Supporting teachers is so important, now more than ever,” she says. “This curriculum enables teachers to empower their students to make a positive difference for animals and the planet, while giving them the tools to teach effectively and easily.”  

It includes two curriculums, one for fifth and sixth graders and a second for seventh grade through twelfth grade. It can be integrated into the subjects of geography, social studies, life science, language arts, art, and technology and includes reading and writing components.   

Educators can get the curriculum package at 

It includes an interactive presentation, educator guide, flyer, letter and slideshow templates, student worksheets and a student research document.  

The curriculum was underwritten by a grant from the Andrew Sabin Family Foundation and is available free of charge to any and all educators in the world.   


About the book 

There are countless times throughout our lives when we’re presented with a choice to help another soul. Do you help or do you look away? Skiff’s book Rescuing Ladybugs,” highlights the true stories of remarkable people who didn’t look away from seemingly impossible-to-change situations and instead worked to save animals. Leaders in what the author calls the compassion movement, their stories illustrate how we can break the barriers that have collectively caged and separated us to improve all life on earth. This empowering book inspires us to nurture our love for other animals while igniting our purpose and creating personal happiness.  

Rescuing Ladybugs takes you on an around-the-world adventure with superstar animal advocate Jennifer Skiff. Starting with the moment she connected with a tortured bear in Laos, the story continues with her successful quest to free him by building the first bear sanctuary in that country.  

The stories in this book are about the people Skiff has met along the way wholike herare changing the world for the better one species at a time.  

Skiff is an award-winning journalist who traveled the globe as a correspondent for CNN for more than a decade. Passionate about animals and their welfare, she serves as a trustee, adviser and spokesperson for charities around the world while working with lawmakers to create positive change. She is the director of international programs for the Center for a Humane Economy and Animal Wellness Action in Washington, D.C.  

Licate is an enrichment educator who is teaching and inspiring students to take positive action for the planet, animals and people through her multi-media educational company, Kids for Positive Change. She has presented her programs at Horace Mann School and The Calhoun School in New York and Ashtabula Area City Schools iOhio. In 2019, she presented to Dr. Jane Goodall at the Roots & Shoots student showcase in Chicago.  




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