Eaton retires from Board of Selectmen

TREMONT — Chris Eaton attended his final meeting as a member of the Board of Selectmen here on April 30. Eaton was the longest-serving member of the board at the time of his retirement, having served four consecutive terms since 2006.

“For many years, Chris has worked tirelessly on behalf of this community,” said Chris’s wife, Elaine. “Tremont means so much to both of us.”

Eaton began his service in Tremont long before he won election to the board. In 1987, he served as harbormaster. Over the next 30 years, in addition to his time on the board, he’s served on the Harbor Committee, Wharf Committee and Comprehensive Planning Board.

Outside of his official town work, Eaton worked for more than 30 years as owner of Harbor Divers, where he taught hundreds of people to scuba dive and operated a dive tour boat for thousands of tourists from all around the world. Through his marine construction and salvage operations, he served countless fisherman, boatyards, municipalities and pleasure boat operators from Northeast Harbor to the Thompson Island bridge. Eaton also owned and operated Maine’s first underwater tour boat for nondivers, Acadia Cruises, where, with the use of underwater cameras, people could experience the world he loves. He spent every winter with his first love, diving for scallops.

“I love Tremont’s small-town quality of life and the working waterfront,” said Eaton, “and in my time with the town, I’ve worked to preserve that culture. I’m proud of how well we’ve been able to do that.”

Because of his many years in various roles with the town, many recognize the important institutional knowledge that he carries with him. Board of Selectmen Chair Kevin Buck has expressed his gratitude for Eaton’s service.

“Chris is incredibly knowledgeable about a number of issues in Tremont. It’s always helpful to hear from him about what we’ve done in the past as we try to figure out how we’re going to handle a particular question,” said Buck.

Whether weighing in on policy or recounting town history, Eaton’s service to Tremont is deeply appreciated and will be missed, said Town Manager Christopher Saunders.


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