E-waste recycling set

ELLSWORTH — An electronic waste collection event will be held at the Home Depot parking lot on Saturday, July 22, from 7 a.m. to noon.

Old and broken electronics may be recycled for free, and donations are gratefully accepted. The event, organized by the Noontime Rotary Club of Ellsworth, is open to residents from any Maine community.

The Noontime Rotary Club is partnering with Electronics End of Brewer, which will bring a team to pack and transport televisions, computers, monitors and other electronic devices. Electronics End is approved by the Department of Environmental Protection and will staff the collection site at no cost to the Noontime Rotary Club.

Maine is one of the few states that mandates electronic waste be recycled. Proper recycling and disposal of e-waste removes tons of hazardous waste, like lead, cadmium and mercury, that otherwise may be buried or incinerated.

Rotary Club members, wearing bright orange T-shirts, will help with traffic, parking and unloading vehicles. The primary focus is on collecting televisions (all models and sizes), computer monitors, computers, desktop printers, laptops, digital picture frames, game consoles, computers and periphery, photocopiers, fax machines, cell phones, microwave ovens, CD players/DVD players, lead acid batteries, servers, network equipment, ballast and mercury thermostats and devices. Light bulbs are not accepted at mobile collection sites.

Free recycling is available for Maine individuals. As a result of passage of L.D. 981, businesses may deliver covered items at this event. Businesses with fewer than 100 employees are exempt from fees, while businesses with more than 100 employees may drop off items for a fee. Any business wishing to deliver more than seven covered items, or that would like information on fee structures, must call Electronics End at 922-2094 prior to the event.

Proceeds from this event help fund scholarships for local high school students. Call Rotarian Jen Saunders at 266-1553.

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