Dr. Oh running for House 

Dr. Timothy Oh, a local dentist, is running for the Maine House of Representatives in District 135 (Bar Harbor, Lamoine, Mount Desert).

BAR HARBOR – Local dentist Timothy Oh is running for the Maine House of Representatives in District 135 (Bar Harbor, Lamoine, Mount Desert), seeking civility and collaborative problem solving for the difficult times ahead. Active in the community for over a decade, Oh is seeking office for the first time, moved to action by the breakdown of our political system at a time when our state budget will be short $1.4 billion over the next three years. 

“Coronavirus has not only changed our lives in 2020, it will profoundly influence Maine life going forward,” said Oh. “During the challenging times ahead, it is of utmost importance to have legislators who are willing to listen to ALL the voices in their community when making difficult decisions on how to begin healing the economic and social devastation brought on by the pandemic. 

“As an independent voter for most of my adult life, I am saddened by the loss of respect, class and decency that has ensued from increasing negativity, partisanship and fruitless antagonism. We must put common sense and community back into our democracy and people and principle over politics. A health professional by trade, I will seek to represent the diverse and varied viewpoints of our community in Augusta.” 

Oh is a general dentist who primarily practices in Hancock County. He is director of the Caring Hands of Maine Dental Center in Ellsworth, a nonprofit health organization he founded in 2010 to promote oral health in rural eastern Maine. The center predominantly serves MaineCare/Medicaid recipients and operates the largest extern and portable dental programs in the Maine. Oh is the proud parent of two young children. 

For more information, or to get involved with the campaign, visit drohforme.com or contact him at (207) 266-8600 or [email protected]