Lobster trap tags ISLANDER FILE PHOTO

Double tagging

AUGUSTA — State fisheries officials are reminding lobstermen fishing any gear outside their declared zone (also referred to as home zone) that they will need to affix a second zone tag to those traps.

This second tag is used in addition to the declared zone tag. This requirement for the use of a second zone tag has been in effect since June 1.

This regulation is intended to improve enforcement of the “49/51” rule that limits the number of traps a lobsterman may fish outside their declared zone to 49 percent of the number of tags they purchase.

All traps fished in a nondeclared zone must have both trap tags attached to them. The second zone tagging requirement applies to both state and federal waters.

Contact any Marine Patrol officer or the Maine Marine Patrol Division Office in Lamoine at 667-3373.


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