Mechanics at work on a 1912 Ford Model T at the Seal Cove Auto Museum, making use of a recently purchased car lift. PHOTOS COURTESY OF SEAL COVE AUTO MUSEUM

Donors fund new car lift at Seal Cove Auto Museum

TREMONT — Following a “Save Our Mechanics’ Backs” fundraising campaign, the Seal Cove Auto Museum has purchased and installed a $4,000, four-post, two-level car lift.

“If you have ever gone for a ride in one of the antique automobiles at the Seal Cove Auto Museum, you have the museum’s dedicated group of volunteer mechanics to thank for that experience,” a statement from the museum said. “These volunteers, under the guidance of the museum’s staff mechanic Peter Brown, work to keep some of the cars in running condition, increase the number of vehicles that run and generally maintain the condition of the antique engines.”

Many of the Museum’s volunteer mechanics are retired, and kneeling and lying down on a concrete floor to do the necessary work on the cars can wreak havoc on anyone’s bones.

One of the volunteers, Julius Ridolfi, decided that something needed to be done. After researching car lifts and their costs with Brown, Ridolfi offered to match donations up to $2,000, to purchase the lift.

In October, the Museum launched a fundraising campaign, and donors offered their support. A total of $6,555 was raised.

The lift was purchased and set up in November.

First up on the lift will be the Museum’s 1921 Mercer, which has been plagued with engine trouble for months. Extra funds raised will be used to purchase tools and equipment for the mechanics to use in the garage.

“Our volunteers are so committed to these cars and the Museum, it was wonderful to see how quickly donors responded and supported the mechanics through their financial contributions for a lift,” said Raney Bench, the museum’s executive director. “We are thrilled to be able to give something back to these volunteers that have done so much for the Seal Cove Auto Museum.”

The Seal Cove Auto Museum fosters joyful experiences for people of all ages and interests, by telling the story of innovation and ingenuity in New England and America through the early development of the automobile. The museum is open May 1 – Oct. 31, and open in the winter by appointment. Contact the museum at 244-9242 or [email protected]

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