Domestic violence charges brought

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — After two 911 calls about 1-1/2 hours apart from a woman in Southwest Harbor, police visited a home to address a reported domestic dispute. Justin S. Bent, 31, of Southwest Harbor subsequently was arrested on a charge of domestic violence assault. Bar Harbor police assisted with the call.

An Otter Creek man was arrested Sunday on charges of operating under the influence (OUI) and refusing to submit to arrest. Police caught up with Edwin Peake, 51, near the entrance to Smuggler’s Den around 10 a.m., after he reportedly had left the scene of a car accident a few minutes before in Seal Harbor.

Peake was driving a 2004 Silver Hyundai on Route 3 in Seal Harbor when it reportedly struck a parked 2008 Pontiac. Michael Shay, 29, of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, was sitting in the parked Pontiac when it was hit by the Hyundai, he told police.

Shay, whose car was missing a side mirror due to the collision, followed Peake until he pulled over, according to a police report.

Shay told police that Peake “reeked of intoxicating liquor and was slurring his words.” Peake reportedly drove away.

After Shay gave police the license plate number on Peake’s car, area agencies were asked to be on the lookout for the car. Southwest Harbor police located Peake’s car, pulled it over and conducted a field sobriety test.

Peake was arrested and transported to Hancock County Jail.

On Friday around 4:50 p.m., police pulled over a vehicle on Main Street with an expired registration. A Bass Harbor man was driving and two children were in the car, according to reports. Matthew Rankin, 27, was summonsed on a charge of  OUI and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Police responded to a call regarding a car accident on Seawall Road on Sunday around 6 p.m. No one was injured in the accident, but after speaking with the drivers involved, police summonsed Dylan Carroll, 22, of Southwest Harbor on charges of OUI and operating with an expired driver’s license (more than 90 days). No further information about the accident was available.

Bar Harbor

A Trenton man was arrested June 13, taken to Hancock County Jail, released, and arrested again on Monday.

Following a report of harassment at a Rodick Street business late on June 13, Robert Doane, 36, was arrested on outstanding warrants for failure to pay fines. Fines were due for previous assault and criminal trespassing charges, police said.

Then, on Monday, two different people who had been out walking their dogs reported that Doane approached them and said he was going to kill them. Police said he did not have any weapons and was not considered a threat to public safety. He was arrested on a charge of terrorizing and taken back to jail.

A tour van driven by Timothy Thomas, 57, of Mount Desert struck the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce kiosk while exiting a Main Street parking space on June 11. The kiosk is currently in a parking spot while the sidewalk is being renovated. The van’s passenger-side window was damaged, but the kiosk was not damaged.

A 2013 Chevrolet owned by Adrian Findlay, 30, of Bar Harbor was damaged after reportedly being struck in a hit-and-run crash in the parking lot of The First bank on June 11. There was damage to the right rear corner of the vehicle. The case is under investigation.

A set of tan cloth doors for a Jeep was turned in to police after being found on Crooked Road on June 12.

Police responded to a burglar alarm on Lookout Point Road after two contractors set it off on June 12. After identifying them, police arrested David Jamieson, 44, of Bangor on two warrants for $1,500 in unpaid fines. He was taken to Hancock County Jail.

A 2010 Chevrolet driven by Sydney Sennett, 21, of Bar Harbor reportedly struck a deer on Route 102 on the night of June 12. The deer ran off, police said, and the vehicle had minor damage.

Following a traffic stop on Route 3 near Hamilton Station on June 14, Brett Deniger, 24, of Gouldsboro was summonsed on a charge of criminal speeding.

Greg Charczuk, 63, of Lamoine was arrested on a charge of harassment by telephone following a June 14 complaint. His former employer reported that Charczuk was harassing another employee. Maine State Police arrested Charczuk at his home and took him to Hancock County Jail.

While pulling over on Mount Desert Street to drop off a passenger on June 14, a 2002 Chevrolet bus driven by Charles Raby, 31, of Bar Harbor struck a legally parked 2011 Subaru last driven by Powell Wenger, 73, of Bar Harbor. No one was injured, but minor damage was done to both vehicles.

Following a traffic stop on Eagle Lake Road on June 14, Evan Connor, 29, of Trenton was arrested on a warrant for unpaid fines. He was bailed from the police station.

A motor home reportedly struck a parked car Saturday as its driver was navigating a left turn from Mount Desert Street onto Main Street. The motor home, driven by Richard Hamming, 72, of Grand Rapids, Mich., reportedly struck a legally parked 2004 Chevrolet registered to Greg Noyes, 33, of Bangor. Damage was done to the right rear fender of the motor home and the left tail light of the Chevrolet. No one was injured.

Police assisted the fire department with a fire early Monday morning at an ice cream shop on Main Street.

Mount Desert

About $900 in gas-powered garden and landscaping tools were reported stolen from an Otter Creek Drive resident on June 12. The matter is under investigation.

Following a June 12 traffic stop on Sound Drive, Adam Zeitler, 23, of Washington, D.C., was summonsed for operating after suspension. He was driven to where he was staying by officers.

Police received a report of suspicious activity at a residence on Northern Neck Road on June 14. Four juveniles were arrested for possession of liquor by a minor, and one was charged with furnishing a place for minors to consume alcohol. All of them were released to their parents.

Alexander Humpreys, 30, of Bar Harbor was arrested on a charge of OUI following a traffic stop for erratic operation on Sound Drive early Sunday morning. He was bailed from the police station.


A Massachusetts man reportedly couldn’t see the rocks outlining a parking area and ran into them at the intersection of Shore Road and McMullen Avenue the afternoon of June 13. The 2013 Chevrolet Malibu driven by Maurice Tuchman, 81, was towed. No injuries were reported.


Watch out for tires on the loose. On Friday, around 8:30 a.m. a rear tire came loose from a 2004 Jeep Liberty and rolled into oncoming traffic on the Bar Harbor Road. The Jeep was driven by Paul Durgin, 47, of Trenton. A 2008 Audi A4 driven by Sandra Graves, 74, of Northeast Harbor hit the tire, according to reports. Damage to the front of the Audi was significant enough for it to be towed from the accident. The Jeep also was towed from the accident, as the mechanical failure had rendered it inoperable.

No one was seriously injured when a Honda sedan traveling on the Bar Harbor Road the afternoon of June 10 reportedly struck a stopped vehicle that was waiting to make a left-hand turn. The Honda was driven by Lorne Wilette, 71, of Stuart, Va. The other driver was Fan Ye, 32, of Ithaca, N.Y.

Acadia National Park

On June 7, rangers contacted two women believed to be homeless near an Eagle Lake Road entrance to the park. Both were from Florida, and one of the two had a taser in her pack, according to reports.

Two people were warned for selling fiddlehead ferns on Thompson Island on June 8, an unpermitted commercial activity in the park.

On June 9, a couple visiting the park got in adisagreement, and the woman walked away from the vehicle her husband was driving. The husband called for assistance in locating his wife, and rangers searched the area between Sand Beach and Otter Cove. Eventually, contact was made via text message, and the couple was reunited at Jordan Pond House.

Melissa Clark, 25, of Trenton was cited on a charge of possession of marijuana on June 9 in the area of Long Pond. Marijuana is a controlled substance under federal law and illegal in the park.

Ashlyn Fennemore, 24, and Lee Ward, 23, both of Damariscotta, were cited on charges of possession of controlled substances on June 10 at the South Wall of the Precipice. Rangers said they were in possession of “marijuana and Suboxone [fentanyl].”

Christopher Stilwell, 30, of Seal Cove was cited on a charge of driving with a suspended license on Seal Cove Road on June 10.

On June 11, rangers spoke with a 71-year-old woman on Bar Island who said she was planning on camping on the island as she has in the past. Much of the island used to be private land, but no camping is allowed anywhere in the park outside of campgrounds.

Phillip Larry, 58, of Bar Harbor was warned for speeding on West Street Extension June 11. He was issued a citation on a charge of violation of a traffic control device.

A woman was injured falling off a moped at the base of Cadillac Mountain on June 12. The moped failed to negotiate the turn onto the Cadillac Summit Road from the Park Loop Road, according to reports, and the driver fell in the intersection. The woman was given a ride to her hotel, and the rental company retrieved the moped.

A Kentucky man reportedly was standing up in a car with his head out the sunroof while the car was in motion on Cadillac Summit Road on June 13. James Winsett, 25, was issued a citation for failure to wear a seatbelt.

Rangers responded to a report of a bear that had “bluff charged” a resident near Seawall on June 13. They determined that the bear did not charge, according to reports; it was passing through and eating birdseed. No action was taken.

A seal pup reported to be on the beach at Sand Beach all day June 13 reportedly was picked up by a woman in a towel and carried to the parking lot. The woman was reported as being hysterical. Rangers were unable to locate the woman or the seal.

Grace Drennan, 20, of Bar Harbor was cited on a charge of possession of marijuana on June 13 on Paradise Hill Road following a traffic stop for a stop sign violation.



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