Documentary explores plastic pollution

MOUNT DESERT — A screening of filmmaker Ian Cheney’s 2017 documentary “The Smog of the Sea” will be held Monday, Aug. 26 at 4 p.m. at the Great Harbor Maritime Museum in Northeast Harbor.

The film chronicles a research expedition through the Sargasso Sea. Marine scientist Marcus Erikson invited onboard an unusual crew to help him study the sea: renowned surfers Keith and Dan Malloy, musician Jack Johnson, spearfisher Kimi Werner and bodysurfer Mark Cunningham become citizen scientists on a mission to assess the problem of plastics in the world’s oceans.

Carey Donovan, a member of A Climate to Thrive’s Zero Waste committee who also serves as an occasional docent at the Great Harbor Maritime Museum will present additional information about plastic pollution, efforts to date on Mount Desert Island to reduce plastic waste and what more can be accomplished.

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