Disaster exercise preparations

TRENTON — The Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport has begun preparations for a full-scale disaster exercise set to take place on the morning of Saturday, Oct. 4. This exercise will give participants from various local, state and federal agencies an opportunity to test their response to a simulated aircraft accident.

Actors will be enlisted to play the parts of “injured” passengers, and although the incident will be simulated, the response will be as realistic as safely possible. The exercise will not significantly impact normal airport operations, and will not affect any normally scheduled commercial flights.

Areas that will be designated for exercise play will be clearly marked, and the exercise will minimally affect normal airport operations.

Travelers on Route 3 may expect to see some dark smoke on the morning of the drill.

The airport is looking for volunteers to act as injured passengers. Contact Ted Cooke at the airport at 667-7329 or at [email protected]

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