Democrats talk caucus

ELLSWORTH — The Hancock County Democratic Committee will meet to hear from the Democratic presidential candidates’ representatives on Thursday, Feb. 18, from 7-8 p.m. at the Bryant Moore Community Center on State Street. They also will discuss the upcoming caucuses on March 6.

Former congressional candidate and state Sen. Troy Jackson will represent Bernie Sanders’ campaign. A spokesperson for Hillary Clinton will speak as well. Gary Pinder and Charles Stephens, Hancock County Democratic Committee caucus chairs, will speak about the caucus process. There also will be an update from local state representatives about what is happening in Augusta.

The public is invited to the meeting.

The Hancock County Democrats are preparing for a large turnout at the March 6 caucuses. All Maine citizens are eligible to participate if they are 18 years of age on Election Day, Nov. 8.

To participate in the Democratic caucus, you have to be a registered Democrat. Republican or Green Independents can re-register with your election clerk at your town office no later than Feb. 19.

Unenrolled voters, known in Maine as independents, or those who are unregistered in a political party can enroll with the election clerk at the caucus location, but it has to be before the caucus starts. “We recommend, if able, you register or reregister at your town hall office in advance of March 6 because we expect many caucus participants,” a party spokesperson said.

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