The owner of this dilapidated house on Shore Road in Bass Harbor has agreed to have it removed after it was designated a dangerous building by the town. ISLANDER PHOTO BY SARAH HINCKLEY

Dangerous building set to come down

TREMONT — A collapsed floor and slanted stacks of cinder blocks serving as a foundation are two reasons the town deemed the property at 19 Shore Road in Bass Harbor a dangerous building.

At a hearing Monday evening before selectmen, the owner agreed it is time to take it down.

“It’s composting there and needs to be removed,” William Reiff, who represents the trust that owns the property, told selectmen.

Code Enforcement Officer John Larson visited the site in May and again earlier this month and found several reasons to cite the building as dangerous.

Referring to photos he had taken and shared with selectmen, Larson pointed out broken asbestos siding, collapsed portions of the roof and columns of cinder blocks sitting at an angle bearing the weight of the structure.

Selectmen voted at the July 1 meeting to send a notice to the property owner and set a hearing for their July 15 meeting.

The hearing was meant to be an opportunity for Reiff to appeal the town’s designation of a dangerous building.

Ownership of the property is listed under William Reiff Trust.

“I’d be happy to call Gott’s tomorrow to have it torn down,” Reiff said. “I think they can do it in a day.”

Selectmen asked Larson if he was happy with a verbal agreement to take down the building during the public hearing.

“As long as he is willing to remove the building and have it properly disposed of, that’s the goal here,” Larson responded. “Normally the select board would enter into a consent agreement.”

Selectmen agreed to give Reiff 30 days to remove the building from the lot. Selectman Kevin Buck recused himself from the table during the discussion because he owns property across the street from the address.

There is a “for sale” sign posted on the property.

According to Larson the last time anyone lived in the building was five years ago. Taxes on the property, which is in a commercial marine zone, are current.

Sarah Hinckley

Sarah Hinckley

Former Islander reporter Sarah Hinckley covered the towns of Southwest Harbor, Tremont and neighboring islands.

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