Lily Crikelair with Acadia Friends Meeting Peace Prize PHOTO COURTESY OF TOM CRIKELAIR

Crikelair receives Peace Award 

BAR HARBOR — Lily Crikelair, daughter of Tom Crikelair and the late Kirsten Stockman, received the 20th Annual Acadia Friends Peace Award at a virtual ceremony and reception for the recipient, her family and representatives of Acadia Friends on May 25.  

Clerk of Acadia Friends Meeting Mary Booher presented the award, which

Acadia Friends worked with Lily’s sister Eva to surprise her and her father. They delivered the certificate, check and reception refreshments to Eva and then hurried home to convene a Zoom meeting to present the award and visit afterward. IMAGE COURTESY OF ACADIA FRIENDS MEETING

recognizes graduating Mount Desert Island High School or homeschooled seniors who demonstrate peaceful resolution of conflict in school and community, support for an inclusive atmosphere with respect for diversity, and/or involvement in national or international efforts to promote understanding and peace. Nominated by teachers, peers and community members, recipients receive $500 and a subscription to “YES!” magazine. 

Crikelair has been an active participant in the MDI High School Civil Rights Team, Eco Team and Climate Emergency Action Coalition (which works to promote climate emergency declarations in local towns), as well as drama and show choir. 

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