COVID-19 restrictions lifted for fully-vaccinated people 

AUGUSTA—Effective May 24, in accordance with new guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Maine will lift all capacity limits and requirements to physically distance in all public outdoor settings. Capacity limits in public indoor venues will also be lifted.  

This guidance also lifts the physical distancing requirements at indoor public settings, and allows fully vaccinated people not to wear face coverings indoors. However, businesses and other organizations may adopt policies for their employees or customers that either require vaccination or require proof of vaccination in order for people to avoid wearing a mask indoors. 

The CDC recommends that people who are not fully vaccinated continue to wear face coverings in indoor public settings, and requires people to wear masks on planes, buses, trains and other forms of public transportation.  

“For people who are not vaccinated, including children too young to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, wearing a mask remains one of the most effective ways of protecting yourself and your family against this highly contagious disease,” said Jeanne Lambrew, commissioner of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. “We thank those who are fully vaccinated for doing their part to protect themselves and their communities, and ask them to consider wearing a mask in public places to give children the example they need to continue wearing one until a vaccine is available for them.” 

In light of the increased role the U.S. CDC has assumed in issuing guidance, Maine will begin retiring its COVID-19 Prevention Checklists and transitioning to U.S. CDC guidelines as appropriate. The Maine Department of Education’s requirements and recommendations for schools, along with other Federal requirements, remain in effect at this time.  

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