Two carriage road bicycle accidents

ACADIA NAT’L PARK — Park rangers and Bar Harbor Fire Department paramedics responded to the Eagle Lake Carriage Road for a bicycle accident involving a 44-year-old and an 11-year-old July 22. The 11-year-old was released with minor injuries and the adult was treated and transported to MDI Hospital.

A 62-year-old woman was injured after reportedly hitting a tree and falling off her bicycle while cycling on the carriage roads near Hulls Cove July 24. She was coming down a hill, rangers said, and tried to avoid an oncoming group of cyclists riding several abreast when she hit the tree.

Taya Moore, 19, of Gouldsboro was cited on a charge of possession of marijuana July 19 near Little Moose Island.

A Massachusetts man was cited on a charge of operating a motor vehicle off road July 20. Joseph Hemenway, 20, no town given, had driven well off the road on the Cadillac Summit in order to take a photo, rangers said.

A 3-year-old was taken to MDI Hospital from Blackwoods Campground by the Northeast Harbor Ambulance Service July 21. The child was unconscious and not breathing when the family called for help, according to reports, but breathing on her own and conscious by the time she reached the hospital.

Christopher Whitney, 29, of Somerville, Mass. was cited on a charge of possession of marijuana July 21 at Schoodic Point.

Rangers issued a violation notice to David Christafore, no age given of Philadelphia for reportedly parking off the roadway near Jordan Pond North Lot July 21.

Guan Qiu Liao, 49, of Quincy, Mass. was cited on a charge of being in a closed area at Sand Beach July 22.

Cash World Tours, Inc. was cited July 22 at Sand Beach for not having a valid Commercial Use Authorization to do business in the park.

A 44-year-old man from Brattleboro, Vt. reportedly had an extreme reaction to a bee sting near the Beehive trailhead July 23. He was carrying Benadryl and an Epi-pen, rangers said, and used both but was still having trouble breathing. He was taken to MDI Hospital in a Bar Harbor Fire Department ambulance.

A rock on the Beehive Trail reportedly fell and struck a 21-year-old hiker in the head July 24. She suffered a minor concussion, rangers said, but refused medical treatment.

A 4-year-old suffering a seizure was taken to MDI Hospital from Jordan Pond House by the Northeast Harbor Ambulance Service July 24.

A Pennsylvania man was cited July 24 at Schoodic Woods Campground on a charge of using a senior pass belonging to another person.

Ross Holcombe, 30, of Spokane, Wash. was cited on a charge of speeding July 24 on the Park Loop Road near Kebo. Rangers said he was clocked going 57 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone.

Rangers helped reunite a 17-year-old with the rest of his group at Jordan Pond House after he reportedly fell off his bike near Eagle Lake July 25.

Lifeguards made a water rescue for a 9-year-old girl from California who was caught in a rip-tide July 25 at Sand Beach, according to reports. No medical treatment was required.


Southwest Harbor

An afternoon delight was reported to police around 4:30 p.m. on Monday. Police received information about a local male and younger female having sex outside a local business in view of the public, according to reports. Officers were unable to find the couple and the incident is still under investigation.

A Bar Harbor teen ran into a deer and bad luck around 1:45 a.m. on Sunday while driving on the Seawall Road, according to reports. Thick fog contributed to an accident between a deer and the teen’s 2013 Honda Fit, police said. As a result of the accident, police learned the youngster was allegedly driving after a license suspension. A summons for operating after suspension will be issued, according to reports. Damage to the Honda Fit included the left front bumper, fender and headlight, but the vehicle was drivable.

Officer Mike Miller heard a thud when he was traveling down Main Street close to 2 p.m. on Saturday. When he stopped to check out the noise, Miller realized a gentleman getting out of a vehicle parked on the street had opened the car’s door without looking, according to Miller. There was no damage to the parked car and Miller’s cruiser suffered a paint smudge, he said.

Police responded to a call of a possible overdose around 3:45 p.m. on Saturday. The woman in question was transported to MDI Hospital, according to police. Report of the incident was made to the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, according to Chief Alan Brown.

On July 23 around 9 p.m. police received a report of a local resident harassing teenagers playing basketball at Pemetic Elementary. According to the report, the harassment went as far as the resident popping the basketball. Police are investigating the incident.

Police are investigating reported thefts from two different downtown retail establishments July 26 around 2:30 p.m.


Mount Desert

Two people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries Friday evening following a two-car accident on Route 102, police said. A 2003 Saab driven by Liam King, 25, of Bar Harbor reportedly pulled out of Beech Hill Cross Road into the path of a 2015 Buick Enclave driven by Erin Perry, 30, of Enfield. King was extracted from his car by the Mount Desert Fire Department, which used the Jaws of Life to give them room to maneuver.

Both cars involved in the crash were totaled. So far, no charges have been filed.

Responding to the accident along with the Mount Desert Fire Department were the Bar Harbor Fire Department, Southwest Harbor Fire Department, Tremont Volunteer Fire Department, Northeast Harbor Ambulance Service, Southwest Harbor-Tremont Ambulance Service, Southwest Harbor Police Department and Acadia National Park.

A section of Route 102 was closed and traffic was routed onto Pretty Marsh Road while Sgt. Chad Wilmont of the Ellsworth Police Department reconstructed the accident scene.

About 20 gallons of fuel spilled onto the parking lot at Seal Harbor beach when a gas tank fell off of a 2002 Ford pick-up driven by James Reeverts, 60, of Churchville, N.Y., July 24. The Mount Desert Fire Department and Public Works Department, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and Acadia National Park personnel responded and took part in the clean-up. No injuries were reported and no charges were filed.

Kayla Conley, 23, of Mount Desert was arrested Friday on a charge of OUI and summonsed on a charge of speeding.

Matthew Whitney, 46, of Bar Harbor was arrested on an OUI charge Saturday.


Bar Harbor

Officer Dustin Tierney reported that he “assisted an individual with finding their way off of Mount Desert Island” July 23.

A 2018 Ford Escape driven by Gerald Phelps, 74, of Thompson, Ohio, sustained rear bumper and left-side damage when it was reportedly struck by a 2012 Freightliner bus driven by Albert Jackson, 39, of Brewer at the intersection of Main and Cottage streets July 23. There were no injuries and no charges were filed.

A Jeep backing out of a parking space was struck from behind by a Toyota on Rodick Place July 24, according to statement from a witness in police reports. The Jeep, driven by Matthew Rudolf, 17, of Bethesda, Md., sustained minor rear-end damage. The 2018 Toyota was driven by Frank Lella, 77, of Bar Harbor. It had minor damage to the front end. There were no injuries and no charges were filed.

A 2002 Acura owned by Ronald Zagaeski, 71, of Foxboro, Mass., sustained rear left-side damage when it was reportedly struck by a 2006 Freightliner bus driven by Raymond Brown, 67, of Barefoot Bay, Fla., July 26. The car was parked on Main Street, and the bus was turning onto the street.

An employee of a local business reported July 26 that his vehicle had been stolen. He later discovered that his co-workers had moved the vehicle as a prank, according to reports.

Zachary Eccleston, 22, of Unity was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct following a report of a fight involving a number of people at a residence on School Street July 26.

No one was injured and no charges were filed in a two-car accident on Mount Desert Street Friday. Darcey Higgins, 48, of Ellsworth reportedly took her eyes of the road for an instant to reach for her coffee, and when she looked back up she saw that the car in front of her had stopped. She was unable to stop her 2012 Ford Focus in time to avoid rear-ending the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta driven by John Allison, 50, of Southwest Harbor. Both cars sustained damage that required them to be towed.

A 2017 Nissan Pathfinder driven by Robert Jones, 68, of Morton, Pa., sustained rear left-side damage when it was struck by a 2014 Jeep driven by Jennifer McCabe, 44, of Colonial Heights, Va., at the intersection of Eden Street and Eagle Lake Road Friday. The Jeep was not damaged, no one was injured and no charges were filed.

A 2015 Toyota SUV owned by Nicole Boissonneault, 38, of Upton, Mass., was parked on West Street Friday when it was reportedly sideswiped by a 2014 Setra motor coach driven by Joseph Costa, 63, of Sanford. The car sustained extensive front-end damage. There was minor paint damage to the bus. No one was injured and no charges were filed.

Dwayne Jordan, 37, of Hartford, Conn., was arrested Saturday on an OUI charge.

Richard Stanley, 63, of Bar Harbor was arrested on charges of aggravated reckless conduct, assault on a police officer, refusal to submit to arrest, OUI and operating without a license after his car was found off of Knox Road and he was reported crawling on the roadway Saturday.



Hancock County Sheriff’s office received a call on July 26 at 8:45 a.m. regarding a Tremont man. The call was from an employee at a Bangor business who reported the man was receiving services for which he had not paid. After an investigation, deputies summonsed Jeremy Gilley, 31, of Tremont on a charge of theft of services. A court date has been set for the first week in September, according to reports.


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