Police log: Tempers flare in hot weather

BAR HARBOR – A Trenton couple were arrested on charges of domestic violence assault July 4 following a fight during a car ride. Nicholas Laurendreau, 33, and Katherine Roy, 37, had a verbal argument early in the day, according to reports. Later, Laurendreau picked up Roy and they were traveling together when a physical fight reportedly began.

Laurendreau pulled over, police said. Roy called police to report him for operating under the influence. Both were arrested on charges of domestic assault and taken to the Hancock County Jail in Ellsworth. Laurendreau was also charged with OUI.

Two women were summonsed on assault charges July 4 after two reported physical fights near the Village Green. The first fight occurred around 10 p.m., police said, and involved Kayla Conley, 23, of Bar Harbor and two other women. A short time later, Conley and Amber Flach, 33, of Lamoine, who was not present for the first fight, saw the other two women and another fight began. Both women were reportedly intoxicated. No serious injuries were reported.

Officers spoke with a man riding a bicycle and carrying a rifle on Spring Street July 2. The weapon was a pellet rifle and it was unloaded, police said. Open carry is legal in Bar Harbor, Lt. David Kerns said, but police have a policy of checking in with open carriers as a precaution.

A baby deer, believed to have been spooked by a large group of people on the street, reportedly ran into a West Street business on July 3. An officer caught the deer and took it to the police station. A game warden later transported the deer, which was not injured, to a wildlife rehabilitation center in Machias.

An Island Explorer bus reportedly struck a parked Jeep on West Street July 3. Police said the driver of the bus, John Atkinson, 70, of Orland was trying to avoid another bus that was approaching in the opposite direction. No injuries were reported but there was minor damage to the Jeep, which belongs to Ingrid Hill, 50, of Bar Harbor.

No one was injured in a car-golf cart accident July 3 in the parking lot of the Harborside Hotel. A 2007 Nissan driven by Horace Holton, 66, of Roswell, Ga., was backing up when it struck the cart, police said. They could not confirm whether the cart had its headlights on. The cart was driven by Clice Trell, 41, of Bar Harbor.

Christopher Pulling, 39, of Oyster Bay, N.Y., was arrested on an OUI charge in the early morning hours of July 5. He was taken to Hancock County Jail.

An allegedly intoxicated man was warned for urinating in public on West Street and refusing to submit to detention early in the morning Saturday.

Following a Saturday traffic stop on Eagle Lake Road, Angela Padavano, 56, of Worchester, Mass., was arrested on a charge of OUI. She was bailed from the police station.

A Bar Harbor man was arrested after he reportedly punched a man in the face early Saturday. Jason Locke, 36, was charged with assault following the incident which sent the man to the hospital. Police found the man on the ground on Firefly Lane and spoke with him at the hospital. He reportedly owed Locke money. Locke was bailed from the police station.

A woman reported a man from Wilkes Barre, Pa., sitting in his car in her driveway Saturday. Eugene Sitkowski, 52, was under the impression that he was in an online relationship with the woman, police said. He was arrested on charges of stalking and unlawful possession of a scheduled drug.

A disgruntled customer at a local spa was summonsed Sunday after allegedly grabbing the arm of the receptionist. Nevart Hebding, 70, of Chesterbrook, Pa., was summonsed on a charge of assault.


Mount Desert

Edwin Peake, 51, of Otter Creek was arrested on a charge of violating his conditions of his release July 4 after police responded to a harassment complaint. Peake was reportedly intoxicated, which is a breach of bail conditions he is under. He was taken to Hancock County Jail.

Officers warned Northeast Harbor residents for shooting off fireworks on July 4. A town ordinance prohibits fireworks.

A 2013 Chevrolet driven by Jamey Lewis, 40, of Tremont, struck and killed a deer on Ripples Road on Saturday. Lewis was not injured and his car sustained minor damage. The deer was given to the next person on the deer list.


Southwest Harbor

Police were busy tracking down 12 calls in the last week that came in 911 but were reported as misdials. Chief Alan Brown attributes this to the cell tower on Freeman Ridge Road that picks up any 911 call within the area.

Neighbors were concerned about a group of kids playing basketball at Pemetic Elementary School being too loud the evening of July 2. Police went to the school and did not see any violations, according to reports.

Police received a report of an intoxicated man stumbling from the sidewalk to the road on Main Street around 10:45 p.m. July 3. They subsequently arrested Brian Shepard, 40, of Southwest Harbor on a charge of violating conditions of release.

A driver backing out of a parking space at Beal’s Lobster Pier Thursday morning reportedly turned too soon, causing his Ford van to strike a parked Mustang. The van was driven by Neil Donnelly, 76, of Mars Hill, police said. The Mustang, owned by Emery Bamford, 44, of Hancock, had some damage to the driver’s side corner.

A woman from Massachusetts who thought she had reserved a vacation rental in town on Craigslist contacted police Friday when she discovered that it had been a scam listing, according to reports.

Police assisted Acadia National Park rangers with a minor car accident around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. Following an investigation, Michael Richter, 32, of Chicago was summonsed on a charge of attaching false plates. It appeared Richter had recently purchased the vehicle and not returned the plates to the previous owner, police said.

No one was injured in an accident outside a salon on Wesley Avenue in downtown. A 2011 Subaru Outback, driven by Richard Smith, 65, of Glen Cove collided with a parked 2017 Nissan Altima owned by Carolyn Zisser, 71, of Neptune Beach, Fla., according to reports. Damage to both cars was minor, police said.

A 2004 Chevy Silverado driven by Scott David, 47, of Bar Harbor was heading north on Route 102 towards Gotts Store Saturday evening when David braked suddenly to avoid hitting a deer in the road, police said. A 2008 Ford F-250 driven by John C. Goodwin of Southwest Harbor traveling the same direction was not able to stop in time and struck the rear of the Silverado, according to reports. Both vehicles had some damage but were drivable.



Police received a call about a possible domestic altercation at a neighboring residence in Trenton on July 3 around 4:20 p.m. After police visited the home, they determined it was a single person arguing with themselves because of deteriorating mental health, the report stated. No crime was reported.



Deputies are investigating a possible assault case involving a Tremont man, his girlfriend and her son, reported Deputy David Lord.

Lord said the man, who suffered a cut on his head, went to a neighbor’s house around 12:30 a.m. Monday for help. The neighbor called an ambulance, which took the man to a hospital.

The man could not remember what happened but said he believed he was assaulted by either the girlfriend or her son, Lord said. “The girlfriend was interviewed and claimed self-defense.”

Pending written statements, police may forward the investigation to the District Attorney’s Office for review for potential charges, Lord said.

The sheriff’s office received a 911 hang up from a Tremont residence on Seal Cove Road the evening of July 4. A 21-year-old woman said she and her mom had a fight and the mother had dialed 911 and hung up, according to reports.


Acadia National Park

An Illinois man was taken to Hancock County Jail June 28 from Blackwoods Campground. Rangers and Bar Harbor Police officers responded to the campground just after midnight following a noise complaint and report of a possible domestic incident. They found Robert Wheeler, 38, intoxicated, according to reports. He was arrested on charges including disorderly conduct, being intoxicated in the park area and a camping noise violation.

A 50-year-old woman reportedly slipped June 29 on the Cadillac North Ridge Trail on rocks that were wet from the previous evening’s rain.

A 58-year-old woman went to the hospital after she tripped and fell on the Cadillac Summit Path June 29, according to reports.

Shahzad Bhatti, 27, of Somerville, Mass., was cited on a charge of possessing marijuana June 29 at the Great Head parking area.

Anita Girvin, 42, of Quarryville, Pa., was cited on a speeding charge June 29. Rangers said she was driving 55 miles per hour in a 35 mph area.

Rangers assisted Bar Harbor police June 30 in a search for an 11-year-old girl in distress. She had last been seen walking on Route 3 near Jackson Lab and The Tarn, according to reports. The girl was located by Jackson Lab security staff on their campus at a picnic table.

A 35-year-old male was given a ride home after he was injured in a bicycle crash on the road at Echo Lake June 30.

Three bus companies were summonsed for violations of their Commercial Use Authorization contracts June 30 at the summit of Cadillac: ANA Tours of Braintree Mass., Roadrunner Charters and Candies Coachworks.

Spencer Nighman, no age given, of Mount Desert was summonsed on a charge of failure to display a current and valid inspection sticker at Lakewood June 30.

Austin Hayes, no age given, of Aurora, Ohio, was summonsed June 30 on a charge of failure to comply with a traffic control device. He was reportedly parked in a bus stop.

Kristen Holmgren, 34, of Springfield, Va., was cited on a charge of camping outside a designated area at SERC Moore Auditorium parking lot June 30.

Jordan Merchant, 30, of Mount Desert was cited after allegedly driving his motorcycle down a trail off Schooner Head Road June 30.

A 20-year-old woman was carried off a trail on Pemetic Mountain July 1 after she reportedly sprained her ankle while hiking. Rangers said they smelled marijuana around the woman, the friends she was hiking with and other friends who came to help. The woman said she had smoked marijuana before hiking the trail. An ARIDE drug recognition test performed on another woman in the group, who said she had smoked that morning, was negative for impairment.

A 10-year-old tripped and fell while hiking at Bubble Rock July 1 and was treated at MDI Hospital.

Two local teenagers were stopped by rangers at Lakewood July 1. A 17-year-old boy from Bar Harbor was cited on a charge of possession of marijuana. A 16-year-old girl was warned for alcohol consumption after a breathalyzer test, according to reports. She was released to her mother.

A 27-year-old man suffered a concussion and cut his left eye, rangers said, after he had a seizure while hiking up Bubble Rock Trail July 2. He was carried off the trail in a litter and taken to MDI Hospital in an ambulance.

Vyacheslav Radionov, 24, of Chicopee, Mass., was cited on a charge of possession of marijuana July 2.
A woman was carried to an ambulance in a litter after she fell and broke her ankle attempting to reach the Otter Cove Beach area from the Park Loop Road July 3, according to reports. “Footwear and sand on the rocks” were factors, rangers said.

Miguel Suros, no age given, of Bar Harbor was cited on a charge of possession of marijuana July 3 at Lakewood.

A 62-year-old man who was having chest pain was taken to the hospital in a Bar Harbor ambulance from Sieur de Monts July 4.

Tam Huynh, 37, of Massachusetts was written up July 4 for possession of a controlled substance.

Timothy Griffin, no age given, of New Hampshire was issued a violation notice for having a trailer in a closed area at Frazer Point.

A group from New Jersey were issued citations for controlled substances and alcohol in a closed area July 4, according to reports. Sean Mahon, 26, was cited on a charge of possession of mushrooms. Kyle Betz, 23, was cited on a charge of possession of marijuana. Nicholas Jenquhino, 26, and Christoph Chaffin, 24, were cited on charges of possession of alcohol in a closed area.

A 62-year old man reportedly collapsed on the stairs near the Bass Harbor Lighthouse July 4. He was taken to MDI Hospital in an ambulance.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post misstated the events leading to the summonses of Kayla Conley and Amber Flach. Flach was not present for the first of the two reported altercations.

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