Man arrested on gun charges at Schoodic

ACADIA NAT’L PARK — An Ohio man with firearms in his pickup truck was arrested by park rangers after being subdued with a taser in the Schoodic District of Acadia on Saturday. 

Kirill Novikov, 52, of Gahanna, Ohio, was charged with possession of a weapon, possession of a loaded weapon in a motor vehicle, interfering with agency functions and possessing an open container of an alcoholic beverage. Three semi-automatic handguns were found in Novikov’s pickup truck, according to court documents. 

In an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Bangor on Monday, Acadia Deputy Chief Ranger Darren Belskis stated that he and Ranger Dwayne Gruver were on patrol on Schoodic Head Road Saturday afternoon. As they turned into a driveway that leads to an old, abandoned ranger cabin, they saw a white male, later identified as Novikov, walking toward them. 

“Novikov appeared confused and anxious, and indicated he was looking for a hiking trail but did not know where it was,” Belskis said. 

After directing Novikov toward the trailhead, Belskis and Gruver went to the cabin. Then, as they were leaving, they noticed a pickup truck “parked generally out of site of the road and hikers,” Belskis said. 

“I looked through the front passenger window of the pickup and observed the muzzle of a handgun under the center armrest in plain view.” 

While the two rangers waited for Novikov to return, Belskis said in his affidavit, “Hikers coming off the trail advised that a man fitting Novikov’s description was at the summit and that he seemed ‘strange’ when they interacted with him.” 

When Novikov returned, the rangers spoke with him for a few moments. Then Belskis told him to stay where he was, and the ranger walked to his patrol vehicle to call dispatch to find out if Novikov had any outstanding warrants. 

As Belskis reached the vehicle, he heard Gruver yell “stop,” and he turned to see Novikov running toward his pickup. The two rangers chased him on foot, with Belskis yelling for him to “get on the ground.” When he failed to comply, Belskis used his taser, causing Novikov to fall. 

He was handcuffed and arrested at about 3:45 p.m. and was being held pending a bail hearing scheduled for Sept. 1. At an initial court appearance via video on Monday, he pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. 

According to court documents, a search of Novikov’s rented pickup turned up a Ruger .22-long-rifle-caliber handgun, a Taurus 9mm handgun, a KelTec 9mm pistol-caliber carbine, numerous rounds of ammunition, hard body armor plates in a carrier and an open container of Seagram’s Escapes malt beverage. 

“The three firearms do not appear to have been rendered temporarily inoperable and were not packed, cased or stored in a manner that prevented their ready use,” Belskis said in his affidavit. 

Dick Broom

Dick Broom

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