Island Police: Vehicle causes damage on golf course

Bar Harbor

An officer responded on Sunday to a report of a motor vehicle having been driven on the Kebo Valley golf course, resulting in property damage. This matter is under investigation.

A man from out of state called the police department on April 13 to say that he attempted to check in at a local inn and no one was at the desk. Dispatch tried to contact someone at the inn but could not reach anyone.

A sick raccoon in town was reported to the police on Friday but an officer could not find the animal. The Maine Warden Service was contacted. Another report of a sick raccoon in Bar Harbor came in on Saturday. This time, the animal was captured and was euthanized due to the severity of its condition.

An officer found a person sleeping in their vehicle on Friday night and took them to a hotel.

A person was warned for drinking in public very early Saturday morning.

Jason St. Onage, 38, of New Jersey, on Saturday drove his 2021 Bronco off the sand bar connecting Bar Harbor and Bar Island and into the mud flats and tidal area. The ocean waters were rising and the Bronco got stuck. The Bronco was unable to be towed due to the incoming tide and became completely submerged.

A motor home parked at a local business on Monday and was asked to move along by an officer.

After an investigation was conducted, Holly Sprague-Hammond, 42, of Maine, was arrested on Monday and charged with domestic violence assault.

Mount Desert

A resident called the police department on Friday to report their neighbor’s dog was barking constantly and they did not feel comfortable talking to the neighbor about it. An officer spoke to the dog’s owner.

A Mount Desert resident called the police on Friday about a man who had walked in front of her house. An officer went to the home and spoke with the homeowner and then walked the property but did not find anyone. The caller said that she would call back if the man returned.

Following a traffic stop in Somesville on Saturday, Jill Sandler, 46, of Southwest Harbor, was summonsed for operating without a license.

A resident found a bicycle on their property on Saturday. An officer collected the bike, tagged it and placed it into Bar Harbor Police Department’s bicycle room.

Following a traffic stop in Mount Desert on Monday, Jennifer Hunt, 46, of Southwest Harbor, was summonsed for operating after suspension.

A burglary was reported in Northeast Harbor on Monday. This incident is under investigation.

Southwest Harbor

The police department received a report on April 13 of a local man who was scammed out of money when attempting to get a Shell gift card online.

An officer stopped a vehicle on April 14 for speed and a defect resulting in a small amount of marijuana and paraphernalia being confiscated from the underage driver.

Following a traffic stop on Main Street on Friday, Shannon Scott, 47, of Southwest Harbor, was summonsed for operating after suspension.



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