Island Police: Teen driver crashes on Eagle Lake Road 

Bar Harbor 

A 16-year-old driver of a 2017 Audi Q7 was traveling westbound on Eagle Lake Road on Jan. 31 and failed to negotiate the corner prior to the Old Sled Road intersection. The vehicle left the roadway to the right and came to rest against a tree. A front-seat passenger, complaining of chest pain, was taken to Mount Desert Island Hospital for evaluation. According to the police report, road conditions were a factor in the crash. 

There was a water main break on Feb. 1 on West Street near Cromwell Harbor that was creating a road hazard. Staff from the water department arrived on scene to fix the break. 

Following a traffic stop in Bar Harbor on Feb. 3, Alexis Durgin, 23, of Ellsworth, was summonsed for operating after suspension and a civil traffic infraction. 

Officers got a noise complaint about a construction site the morning of Feb. 3. The workers were spoken to and advised of the town’s noise ordinance, which sets quiet hours from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. 

A resident reported a person on Feb. 3 for driving by their house multiple times. Officers made contact with the driver who was going to and from their place of employment. 

The police department took a report on Saturday of a mailbox taken out by a snowplow. This case remains under investigation. 

A person called 911 on Saturday to say they were lost off a Kittredge Brook Forest trail. The Maine Warden Service was contacted, but before they could respond, the caller was able to find the way back to the trail. 

Kemar S. Buckley, 28, of Bar Harbor, was arrested on Tuesday for having an outstanding warrant for his arrest. 

Mount Desert 

A Mount Desert town employee was removing snow from a sidewalk on Peabody Drive that follows the edge of Seal Harbor Beach on Jan. 31 when the 2012 MT6 articulated tractor being used slid off the sidewalk and came to rest on a rail fence/series of trees. A number of the fence rails were dislodged in the incident. With the help of a towing company, the tractor, which was not damaged, was pulled back onto the roadway. 

An officer was called to a local business on Feb. 2 for a report of possible vandalism. According to the police report, the incident turned out to be accidental and a “result of mother nature.” 

A caretaker called the police on Feb. 3 to say that she was told that there was a snowmobile driving around the property. It was discovered that a family member was operating the sled and “they had no problem with it,” according to the police report. 

In the area of 1022 Main St. in Somesville on Monday, Julie Burks, 65, of Ellsworth, was traveling southbound and slowing in traffic in her 2017 Subaru Legacy when a 17-year-old from Trenton, driving a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado, struck her vehicle from behind. Burks was taken to the hospital by ambulance for evaluation. The other driver was uninjured. 

Southwest Harbor 

On Feb. 3, an officer received a complaint of people trespassing. According to the police report, arrangements were made for them to stay until after the storm. 

The police received information on Feb. 3 of possible drugs at a local business. This case is under investigation. 

A man called the police on Friday to report that a woman had taken personal belongings of his and he would press charges if he did not get them back. 

A woman called the police department on Saturday to say that she and her dog had slipped over the bank on the Shore Road and could not get back up. An officer and fire department crews responded and helped the woman and her dog up over then bank. 


Dispatch received reports of a two-vehicle crash on the Bar Harbor Road in Trenton on Feb. 1. Peter Benson, 65, of Tremont, was driving northbound in a 2020 International fuel truck owned by Acadia Fuel. Christopher Barlow, 43, of Franklin, was driving behind Benson in a 2021 Isuzu box truck, owned by Anderson Pressure Washing. Benson began to brake due to traffic yielding to a school bus. The box truck began to skid as Barlow braked, and the box truck crashed into the rear of the fuel truck. The fuel truck was hardly damaged in the crash, but the box truck had to be towed. One lane of traffic was shut down for about an hour while the vehicles were moved out of the roadway. Trenton Fire Department and the State Police assisted. 

Carol Kuhn was operating a black 2015 Subaru Forester in the parking lot of Trenton Flooring and Furniture on Feb. 2 when she attempted to press the brakes and pushed the gas pedal instead, causing her to crash into the front of the building. The collision caused minor damage to the Subaru and substantial damage to the building. Kuhn was not injured and was able to drive from the scene. 

Craig Rice was driving a white 2021 Mercedes utility van southbound on Route 3 in Trenton on Feb. 3. Joseph Beninati was travelling northbound in a silver 2015 Nissan Rogue. As they rounded a corner passing by each other, Beninati reportedly hydroplaned into the oncoming lane in front of Rice’s vehicle, causing Rice to go off the roadway to avoid a collision. Rice was not injured in the incident. 


A sheriff’s deputy assisted staff at the Tremont School the morning of Feb. 3 by standing by with a juvenile who refused to go inside the building. A parent came a short time later to pick the child up. The remainder of the incident was handled by school staff.  



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