Island Police: Paintball vandals deface signs on MDI 

Mount Desert 

On Sunday, an Otter Creek resident called the police department about hearing a loud bang, like a gunshot. That resident called back to say that signs had been hit with paintballs and reported hearing a vehicle with a loud exhaust leaving the scene. Two officers responded to the area and found several vandalized signs along the side of the road throughout Otter Creek to Seal Harbor and then more on Peabody Drive in Northeast Harbor. 

A burglar alarm was reported at a residence on Nov. 4. A caretaker called the department and said that an animal had set off the alarm and that no police action was needed. 

Bar Harbor 

A Bar Harbor resident called the police department on Nov. 2 to ask if an officer could help her find a ring that she had dropped. 

An officer responded to a “wayward group of chickens” on Loren Street on Saturday, according to the police log. 

Following a motor vehicle complaint investigation on Sunday, Joshua Roman, 39, of Porter, was arrested on multiple warrants and taken to Hancock County Jail. 

Someone reported an alarm on Sunday afternoon that turned out to be a construction vehicle backing up. 

Southwest Harbor 

On Nov. 3, an officer stood by at a doctor’s office for a potential unruly patient.  

According to the police log, the police department received a phone call on Friday from a “harassing individual” who was warned not to call again. This was not the first warning the caller had received. 

The police department took a report of people yelling on the Shore Road on Friday morning, which turned out to be official government training in progress. 

A resident called the department on Nov. 8 to report a possible bullet hole in a trailer that was stored on her property. The case in under investigation. 


A deputy spoke with a man from Tremont on Nov. 3 about an employee who had been fired. The man was concerned about that employee retaliating. The information was documented should there be a problem in the future.  

On Nov. 4, deputies and a member of the Southwest Harbor Police Department responded to a Tremont residence for a report of an on-going harassment issue. As a result of the investigation, Jordan Hodgon, 24, was summonsed for harassment and given a December court date.  

A deputy responded to a one-vehicle crash in Tremont on Nov. 7. Bethany McKeough, 34, of Bangor, was operating a 2016 Kia Sorento southward on Bar Harbor Road in Trenton. McKeough had turned into a driveway to turn around but lost control of the vehicle due to speed. The vehicle struck a small barrier around a garden, which caused minor damage to its undercarriage.  

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