Police beat: Man uninjured when tire falls off

BAR HARBORA Mount Desert man avoided accident or injury when a tire came off his truck Friday.

According to reports, Benjamin Hamor, 41, was driving on Eagle Lake Road when the left, rear tire came off his 2000 Toyota Tundra. Hamor was able to pull the vehicle to the side of the roadway, according to reports. The Toyota suffered major damage, police said. Firefighters on the scene used absorbent pads to soak up gasoline leaking from the vehicle after the fuel tank ruptured.

David O’Brien, 23, of Bar Harbor was arrested Saturday on a charge of operating while under the influence (OUI) after police responded to a two-vehicle accident on Park Street. O’Brien was further charged with possession of a useable amount of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Officers Chris Wharff and Brad O’Neil assisted a tourist cross safely back from Bar Island during an incoming tide on Sunday. On Monday, harbormaster Charlie Phippen used his boat to retrieve a family that had gotten stuck on Bar Island after the tide came in.

Police responded to Hadley Point Beach Oct. 9 where a rental car had been driven into the water and sand area. The vehicle was freed with a tow truck and was not damaged.

A porch at the Cromwell Harbor Motel suffered minor damage Oct. 6 when Kenneth Oehmig, 47, of Harpswell allegedly failed to brake properly and struck the building with his 2012 Subaru, according to reports. The driver was not injured.

Dorothy Hungerford, 65, of Bar Harbor was arrested Oct. 7 on a charge of OUI.

A boy at Conners Emerson School was served a written cease harassment notice by Officer Tim Bland Oct. 7 after police received a complaint about kids being harassed at school.

Officer Tim Frost shot and killed an injured deer on Route 3 on Oct. 7.

Two brothers from Jamaica were warned for disorderly conduct following a report of a fight on Kennebec Street Friday.

Sgt. Shaun Farrar assisted a motorist by jump-starting their vehicle on Monday.

Southwest Harbor

A man who allegedly threatened to burn a woman’s house down Oct. 9 was arrested later on a drunk-driving charge.

Delwin Faulkingham, 44, of Southwest Harbor was arrested on a charge of OUI.

Shawn Twigg, 43, of Southwest Harbor was summonsed Friday on a charge of operating after suspension.

Cao Pei, 25, of Vernon, Conn., was summonsed Friday on a speeding charge.

Mount Desert

A Mount Desert resident was issued a summons following an Oct. 9 traffic stop by Officer Dana Austin.

Gregory Kolakowski, 59, was summonsed on a charge of operating with an expired driver’s license.

Acadia National Park

Several tour bus drivers who failed to have the proper paperwork with them were cited by rangers this week. Those charged with failure to possess a commercial operator’s permit included Michael Ryan, no age listed, of Quincy, Mass.; John Fowler, 63, of Maine; and Fernando Lugo, 57, of New York.

Matthew Sheehan, 29, of Maine was summonsed by rangers on Oct. 5 on a charge of possession of a controlled substance (marijuana).

Rangers responded to several medical emergencies last week. One involved a visitor that broke their ankle while walking on the concrete sidewalk at the summit of Cadillac Mountain. Another involved a woman from a visiting cruise ship who fractured her pelvis at Thunder Hole on Ocean Drive.

A 60-year-old man hiking on the North Ridge Trail on Cadillac Mountain injured his ankle and required the assistance of rangers to get out on Oct. 10. He was carried a short ways through the woods from the trail to the summit road and taken to Mount Desert Island Hospital in Bar Harbor by Bar Harbor Ambulance.

Rangers reported extraordinary crowds in the park over the Columbus Day weekend. In addition to traffic jams and crowds at the more popular locations, multiple tickets were written for illegal parking.

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