Island Police: Moose hit on Route 3 


Early in the morning on Nov. 8, Richard Sanborn, 51, of Tremont, called the police department to report that he had hit a moose while driving northbound on Route 3/Bar Harbor Road in Trenton. Sanborn was not injured, and his 2005 GMC truck had only minor damage. The police log did not make mention of the condition of the moose. 

Trenton woman reported an incident on Nov. 5 that occurred at school between her son and another student. The parties were spoken to, and the matter was handled by the school 

On Saturday morning, a woman called the police department to report that while driving westbound on the Jordan River Road in Lamoine, a dog ran into the roadway and she was unable to avoid hitting it. The dog died on scene and was returned to its owner, who said that the dog was let outside moments prior and ran towards the roadway. 

Multiple vehicle/deer collisions were reported in Trenton this week. 

Bar Harbor 

An employee of a downtown business turned in an abandoned bicycle to the police department on Nov. 9.  

An officer found a couple packages of paint roller pads on State Highway 3 on Nov. 9. The pads were tagged and put in lost and found. 

A resident called the police department on Nov. 10 to say that a deer was dying on her lawn. An officer found a spike horn buck obviously injured and put it down. A person on the deer list was contacted and came and picked up the deer. 

A skiff in the Hulls Cove area was reported adrift on Nov. 10. The Coast Guard and Marine Patrol were notified. 

Following a domestic dispute report on Nov. 10, Ellen Stavenesli, 47, of Bar Harbor, was arrested on a charge of domestic violence assault and criminal mischief. She was taken to Hancock County Jail. 

The police department took a report of a small brown dog loose on Cromwell Harbor Road on Nov. 11. The dog ran into the woods and was not found. 

A small skiff adrift off the coast of Bald Porcupine Island was reported to the police department on Saturday. A local fisherman was contacted, and the skiff was retrieved. 

On Saturday morning, officers from the Bar Harbor Police Department assisted with traffic control for the 2021 Annual Bed Races sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. 

An officer picked up two bags of trash from the roadway on Saturday.  

Mount Desert 

A woman from Southwest Harbor was driving a 2021 GMC SUV southward along Sound Drive on Nov. 9 when she hit a dog that was in the roadway. The SUV was towed due to front-end damage, but the woman was uninjured. The dog died at the scene. 

A woman called 911 the evening of Nov. 11 to ask that a man be removed from her home. An officer went to the home and spoke with the man, who “eventually” left without incident, according to the police log. 

Southwest Harbor 

An officer received a report on Nov. 9 of a suspicious man hanging around a bank making the tellers nervous, according to the police log. The responding officer gave the man a ride to another location. 

A local taxi service arrived at the police station on Monday with a fare who appeared to be having mental health problems. An officer spoke with the fare, who waited at the station to be picked up by their parents. 


A Tremont woman called the police department on Nov. 9 to have information documented regarding an item that was stolen from her yard. 

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