Island police log for week of July 14

Bar Harbor 

Someone reported to the police on Friday that there was a person with a knife on the Village Green. Officers responded and found the person, who was wearing a pirate costume and had a knife in a sheath. It was determined there was no malicious intent and that the knife was a part of the costume. 

The police department provided traffic control for the Fourth of July parade.  

The police department had several vehicles towed from Main Street, Newport Drive and West Street on July 4 for noncompliance with the no-parking order after noon for the Fourth of July fireworks setup. 

Someone reported losing a bicycle in town on July 4 but did not want to report it as a theft because they felt someone had just used it. The police took a description of the bike in case it gets turned in. 

Someone reported loud music on July 4. Officers determined the source to be the music coming from the Fourth of July band at the town pier. 

A man was warned for disorderly conduct on July 4 in the Village Green after he attempted to start a confrontation with some other people in the park. 

A lost child approached an officer on July 4. A short time later, the child was reunited with the parents. 

A report of a stolen vehicle being ditched was made to the police on July 4. Officers investigated and found that the vehicle’s registered owner was the one who was driving it and no criminal acts were committed. 

An officer went to Park Street on July 6 for a report of someone sleeping on a picnic table. When the officer arrived, the person was packing up and getting ready to leave, so no police action was taken. 

Following a traffic stop on Friday, Dantae Cross, 21, of Ellsworth, was summonsed for criminal speed and violating conditions of release. 

An officer warned a woman for harassment on Friday. Later that day, Laurie Cote, 49, of Mount Desert, was charged with harassment. 

A sinkhole in Bar Harbor was reported on Saturday. The police contacted the Bar Harbor Highway Department. 

Officers responding to a 911 call on Saturday arrested Jakob Gregory, 21, on a charge of domestic violence assault. 

On Saturday, a Bar Harbor resident reported seeing a black bear. The caller was referred to the Warden Service. 

The police department received a report on Sunday of an assault that allegedly took place the previous evening. The case in under investigation. 

An officer helped a couple on Sunday who had accidentally locked their 18-month-old child in the car. The car was running with the air conditioning on. The officer stood by until Island Towing arrived and opened the door. 

Mount Desert 

According to the police log, officers were asked on July 4 to look for a vehicle that was involved in a criminal complaint in another jurisdiction. An officer located the offending vehicle three hours later in Bar Harbor. The suspects made an agreement to avoid criminal charges. 

An officer and the fire department responded to a report of an overturned kayaker on July 7, but no emergency was found. 

Southwest Harbor 

A caller complained to the police department on July 7 about two gunshots in the area of Seawall Road. An officer responded and spoke with the caller, who said she was concerned for the deer in the area. No one with a gun was found. 

On July 7, a resident reported that an intoxicated person was sleeping in a shed on her property. An officer determined that the sleeping person was a family member.  

A resident came to the police department on Friday to report a vehicle that had been running for over an hour at the upper municipal parking lot, causing pollution. An officer investigated and determined that it was an electric radiator fan that only ran for a few minutes. 

A resident came to the police department on Friday to report that a crow had flown into her vehicle and that it was currently on her passenger side front seat. The crow was dead and was disposed of. 

An officer received a report on Saturday a person in the road “screaming and moaning and acting out for about 30 minutes,” according to the police log. No one was around when the officer arrived on the scene. 

An officer and the police chief participated in the Flamingo Festival parade on Saturday. 

On Sunday, an officer took a report of people who were refusing to pay the boat launch fee at the Maset Town Dock. The officer addressed the issue to where the people will make arrangements with the town office during business hours. 

An abandoned vehicle was reported at the transfer station Monday. Shortly after an officer arrived, a wrecker came to remove the vehicle. 


A deputy responded to a business in Trenton on July 7 for a report of theft. Matthew Powers, 48, of Monroe, was arrested on a charge of theft by unauthorized taking or transfer and operating after license suspended or revoked. 

As a result of assisting Ellsworth Police Department with a bail check on a Trenton residence on Friday, Glen Gray, 31, of Trenton, was arrested on charges of unlawful possession of a schedule W drug and for violating conditions of release. He was taken to Hancock County Jail. 

A Trenton business called the police on Friday to say it received a counterfeit $100 bill. 

Two deputies assisted Maine State Police on Monday with trying to find a runaway juvenile in Trenton. A deputy and a K9 agent were deployed and attempted a track but were unable to find the juvenile. They stayed on scene with the State Police until they were no longer needed. 


On Monday, the Hancock Regional Control Center received a report of vandalism at a residence in Tremont. The case is currently under investigation. 



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