Island police log for week of Aug. 25

Mount Desert

On Aug. 18, a black 2022 Chevrolet Suburban, with significant damage to the rear and front drivers side wheel areas and undercarriage, traveled southward on Indian Point Road, through Bar Harbor and Mount Desert, losing vehicle parts along the way. According to the police log, the vehicle was being operated with one functioning tire. It finally came to rest at the intersection of Indian Point Road and Bartlett Landing Road. The Suburban was towed from the scene and is considered a total loss. The vehicle’s driver fled and is still unknown. This case is under investigation.

An officer opened the gate a Little Long Pond on Friday for a group who had gotten locked in.

A Northeast Harbor resident called the police on Friday to report gunshots. Another resident reported that it was fireworks. An officer searched the area and found neither.

A noise complaint was made in the town of Mount Desert at 11 p.m. on Friday. An officer spoke with some juveniles who were the source of the noise.

Bar Harbor

A fake ID was turned into the police department on Aug. 16.

A bicycle left behind the police department was processed as lost and found and stored in the bike room on Aug. 17 for safekeeping.

A 2011 Toyota Prius, operated by Patrianna Anderson, 29, of Vancouver, Wash., turned left onto West Street on Aug. 17 and struck two pedestrians who were in the crosswalk. One of the pedestrians was knocked to the ground. Both pedestrians were evaluated on scene by Bar Harbor Fire Department for minor industries, with one complaining of hand pain and the other of back pain. Both refused transport to the hospital. The Prius had driver side front-end damage. No charges were filed.

An officer helped a homeowner on Aug. 17 with traffic control while the resident sawed a tree that had fallen from his property onto the roadway.

Matthew G. Manchester, 47, of Bar Harbor, was arrested Aug. 17 for OUI. He was taken to Hancock County Jail.

Several people who were camping in their vehicles overnight at the athletic field were moved along Friday morning.

Dantae Cross, 22, of Ellsworth, was arrested and charged Friday with violation of bail and criminal speeding.

Following a traffic stop on Saturday, Alicia Gray, 21, of Bar Harbor, was summonsed for operating after suspension and violating conditions of release.

Following a traffic stop on Saturday, Ronnie Yates, 39, of Bar Harbor, was arrested for violation of conditions of release and taken to Hancock County Jail.

The police received a complaint of gunshots on Saturday that turned out to be fireworks being shot off by a wedding party.

Southwest Harbor

The police department received a report Aug. 15 of thefts that occurred at a local store over a short period of time. A suspect has been identified and charges are expected, according to the police log.

A resident came into the police station Aug. 16 to ask for help with opening a safe. The safe’s batteries had died and forms needed to be filled out for the manufacturer.

An officer responded on Aug. 17 to a report of a theft involving registration plates being taken due to a person parking in an alleged no-parking area. The owner of the plates did not want to press charges.

Dispatch received a report on Aug. 17 about a parking problem at the intersection of Herrick Road and Main Street. An officer who went to the scene noticed that vehicles turning onto Herrick Road were unable to see oncoming traffic in what had been turned into a single lane due to cars being parked too close to the intersection. The officer was able to make contact with the vehicle’s owners, who moved them.


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