Island police log for week of Aug. 18

Southwest Harbor 

Dispatch received a call on Aug. 9 for help with a van that was partially off the pier where it met the boat ramp. The van was able to get out with the assistance of some bystanders, one of whom had a small ramp. 

The police department received a report from a landlord on Aug. 8 about a disorderly tenant. All was quiet when police arrived. The tenant was advised to try to find another place to live as the landlord didn’t want them there anymore, according to the police log. 

The police got a request for assistance on Aug. 8 to change a battery in a smoke detector.  

A business owner on Aug. 11 had a juvenile on the property who was refusing to leave. An officer responded and told the juvenile to leave, issued a criminal trespass warning and told the youth’s parents. 

Dispatch received a report on Friday about an alarm going off on Seawall Road. The responding officer found a smoke detector going off in a pile of trash on the lawn. 

A call was made to the station on Friday saying a cable was broken or cut on the Mill Dam bridge. Further investigation showed the cable appeared to have broken from normal wear and tear. 

A person was warned for trespass on Sunday after being found sleeping in a guest house without the owner’s permission. 

On Sunday night, the police department got a report of loud noise. Employees of a local establishment had just gotten off work and were listening to loud music. Officers advised them to keep the noise down. 

Bar Harbor 

An illegal taxi in Bar Harbor was reported to the police department on Aug. 9. This matter is under investigation. 

Multiple municipal ordinance violation notices were placed on vehicles the morning of Aug. 10 for overnight camping. 

Jordan R. Doolan, 28, of Bar Harbor, was summonsed Aug. 11 for furnishing liquor to a minor. 

Following a traffic stop in Ellsworth on Aug. 11, Aaron Higgins, 38, of Bar Harbor, was arrested on a warrant for noncompliance contempt order. 

A woman called the police on Friday to report a “suspicious male” in a church, according to the police log, but the man was gone before an officer arrived. 

Someone called in a report on Friday of a car that had its driver’s side door open into traffic on Cottage Street. An officer found the car and closed the door. 

An officer responded to a fireworks complaint on Friday. The fireworks were coming from a vessel in the harbor and stopped soon after the officer arrived. 

An officer took an intoxicated man, who was sleeping on a sidewalk, back to his residence on Saturday morning. 

The police received a complaint on Saturday morning about someone yelling, leading to a man being warned for disorderly conduct, drinking in public and not to drive because of intoxication. A firearm was also taken for safe keeping. 

A man came into the police station on Sunday to report that he was assaulted and his property had been damaged at a local bar. This case in under investigation. 

A person reported their bicycle stolen on Sunday from a downtown location. The bike was later found a short distance from where it had been originally parked. 

Mount Desert 

An officer on Sunday responded to a report of a vehicle striking a mailbox on Indian Point Road and taking off without making contact with the mailbox owner or the police. This matter is currently under investigation and charges are pending, according to the police log. 

Dispatch received a 911 call on Sunday about fireworks being set off at the Pretty Marsh picnic area. This matter was referred to the National Park Service. 


Donald Murphy, 66, of Tremont, was arrested Aug. 11 on charges of burglary, criminal trespass and violation of conditions of release and was taken to Hancock County Jail.   


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